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  1. Thanks for info guys. I'll get the credit card limbered up tonight and call them tomorrow.
  2. Now that my voltage regulator problem is whipped, I need to spend some time on the wiring. The stuff under the hood is trash but everything else is near perfect. Does anyone supply a cloth-covered firewall forward harness or do you have to buy for the entire car? Any good sources? Thanks.
  3. Thanks. I appreciate the information Joe.
  4. Our '41 Model 47 has a Delco-Remy generator no. 1102679 and the shop manual lists a Delco-Remy voltage regulator P/N 1118201. I recently bought a NOS Delco-Remy 1118364 regulator that was advertised as a '40-'56 Buick, Olds, Packard, etc. The earliest year Buick I can find that uses this regulator is 1950 and the generator for that year is a different P/N. Is this regulator compatible with my generator? Thanks for the help.
  5. Is there anything special about the voltage regulator on a '41 Mod. 47 Special or will any typical 6V regulator be OK? I can get plenty of generic regulators but I thought I recalled something about the windings in the Buick generator. Thanks for the help.
  6. Great info Grandpa. Thanks for the tip!
  7. Hi Howard. I don't think a bigger battery will fit my battery box but I'll check with NAPA in the morning. Thanks for the info! Jon
  8. Can anyone help with a source for a battery for our '41 Special? It measures 19" x 4" x 8" tall. Thanks.
  9. I'm having trouble finding a battery for our '41 Special. It's 19" x 4" x 8" tall. Anyone know of a source? Thanks!
  10. It looks exactly like the front end of our '41 Mod. 47 Special.
  11. Thanks for the info and estimate you guys. It does help and I appreciate it. Hey Matt - I registered in the Dual Carb Registry some time back but I don't see our car on your list. Maybe I screwed it up?
  12. Can anyone tell me how much I should pay for a working, unrestored radio and speaker for a '41 Special? Are all the radios the same for the '41 models? Thanks!
  13. What should I expect to pay for a decent but obviously original, working radio with speaker for a 1941 Special? Are the radios the same for all models of 1941? Thanks!
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