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  1. The AACA Museum has a committee that plans displays for the Cammack wing. Usually a year or more in advance of the date of the display. In the past small cars have been mentioned. With the rise (and fall) of gas prices small cars may be reconsidered. On occasion we seek cars from the membership and general public for special displays. Put us on your calendar starting Nov 1 and running to Mar 15, 2009 as the museum presents TREASURES FROM THE 3DOG GARAGE from the A. Ross and Beth Myers Collection. Looks to be a very unique display.
  2. Thank you I believe you just did, visit us right after Carlisle.
  3. YES, Starting in 2008 admission to the AACA Museum is free to current AACA members. Check that your membership is current, renew if you have to, visit the museum time allowing. While you are packing extra socks, make sure your membership card is with you. Having it available will speed your visit to the museum. Now showing FINS! The rise and fall of the tail fin. End Oct 12. Harley Earl General Motors Turbine Cars, three cars from the GM Heritage Collection will also be on display. Before you leave for home with all your new old parts, visit the AACA Museum gift shop.
  4. While the museum did put out a press release on the Porsches, this is a temporary display, and should end in a day or two. Fins! The rise and fall of the tail fin goes to Oct 12, 2008. Check out AACAMUSEUM.ORG on a regular schedule to see our changing displays.
  5. West, The 1910 Brush has a serial number 6622. We have another one in storage which I believe is a 1911 model, It has no id plates in that area. John Marsh
  6. West, Do you know where the serial number is on the vehicle? The AACA Musuem has a 1910 model D, I do not know if the model D covered several years. John Marsh
  7. This may be nothing. In 1937 the Packard Six had flat panels at the base of the engine on either side to create a sort of wind tunnel. If these are missing air will disapate, causing the area by the fuel pump and carb to get warmer then it was designed for. My 1937 six is missing the passenger side piece, nor does it have any heat shields over the fuel pump and it did not over heat in the parade in 1999 in Warren. A former 1953 with those heat shields did give me a taste of vapor lock. Whether real or not.
  8. In response to museums having free Sundays. While the idea of customer appreciation day, a free day, has come up as something that would be nice to do, the reality is that Friday, Saturday and Sunday are our big gate days. The AACA Museum like many of the other 17000 museums in the United States has to weigh the lost income against any real or perceived gains. In the mean time we are looking into some sort of community day as a way to get the word out about our hobby. We offer numerous discounts, group discounts and an AACA member discount. One thing having a parking lot full of antique
  9. The Swigart Museum is open to the end of Oct.
  10. The AACA museum currently has on display a jack with the same markings SJ over 02 on one of the wings and 1020 on the base. It is labeled for a 1939 Buick. Does not mention which model. Hope this helps or confirms what others have already said. John Marsh
  11. American Muscle Factory High Performance Vehicles Display runs from May 20 through October 8, 2006. Hours 9 to 5 Daily last ticket sale is at 4 PM. Great way to complientment your Carlisle experiences all summer long. Currently the list of cars for this display is some 20 cars long, this is included with your regular admission.
  12. On a 1953 Packard Clipper I pulled engine and transmission out much the same way. Took grill off so if I dropped engine I would not crush it. When putting it back in drop engine and transmission in level so you are above cross member. The first time I didn't, the second time I did. Works better.
  13. The Outlets at Hershey allowed the car corral to be located on their parking lot in 2002. Without their support the car corral came very close to not happening that year. We owe them a vote of thanks, sorry about the rain that year.
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