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  1. Hi Jim, In reference to your CD Dealer Service bullitens for 1965 Buicks. I am interested in a set. Do you take Paypal, Post Office M.O. kindly let me know. Thank you for your time, Gino.......ROA #2477
  2. Hi Guys, There is a company that manufactures drawn aluminum containers. Looks like a regular vegetable can, but with rounded corners (seamless) & open on one end. Various diameters from 5/8" to 6" choice of lengts. Good luck.E M E C 11611 Industrial Pkwy. Marysville, Ohio 43040 Ph: (937) 642-7776 Fax: (937) 642-7983
  3. Help needed. Hi guys, I am in need of any information that will help me find a gentleman (?) named Chris Slee. He had advertised on the club web site buy/sell page about Oct./ Dec. last year. He was providing a metal polishing/refinishing service. Formally located in Cedar Park, TX. & recently moved to Nashville TN. He did some trim for me earlier this year & did a very nice job. About 3 months ago I sent him more pieces to do. When I last spoke to him he asked for a little extra time to complete the work, as he was moving to Nashville, TN. Many, many, many phone calls later I still c
  4. Looking for 1965 buick full size models (wildcat, riviera, lesabre etc.) outside rear remote mirror rubber gaskets. So far have only found plastic ones (ugh!) Any suggestions are welcomed. Thanks, Gino. :confused:
  5. Sorry to rain on your parade guys- Buying Citgo fuel should not even be considered. Let me remind you all that Citgo & Petro Express (another Citgo brand) is 100% owned by Hugo Chavez President of Venezula. He is proclaiming to bring the Unites States to it's knees by increasing the price of crude oil. Note: Venezuela is one of the largest suppliers to the United States, providing about 1.5 million barrels a day of oil and oil products. Nuff said?
  6. Hi Nick, In ref. to your '64 Riv. parts for sale. I am in need of a set of interior door arm rest assemblies. The long version about 37" long (2 pieces each side)- they are the lower plastic pieces, I also need the top upholstered covers about 22" long. Prefer black but will consider others. Thank you for your time, Gino.. GINOINLA@aol.com
  7. try www.rockauto.com $3.19 each. Good Luck, Gino.
  8. For Sale- A set of 1964 Buick dual quads for 401/425 engines. Carbs were recently cleaned & rebuilt. Manifold bead blasted & repainted Buick green. Checked for warpage & cracks. All in excellent condition. All linkage included. NO dash pot. Part # 3645S & 3946S, manifold # B1357106L. $2,200.00 plus shipping from Milwaukee, WI. Approx. 50 lbs. Pic's available upon request with e/m address.
  9. ProSource Glass International - Ask for Rick Tankel or Lois @ 877-345-2800...Good luck to you.
  10. Hi, If you are still in need of the wheel well opening trim (arches), I have a set of 4 used, very nice driver quality. Need your e/m address for pics. Thank you, Gino...
  11. Hi, Try this source for the belts. Ask For Mike. Red's Auto Parts - 22267 Hwy 110 South - Troup, TX. 75789 - 903-842-3141... He will make originals if you can describe your needs or send him hardware & he will reweb, whatever you want. They are great quality, he has made me 2 sets (F&R) for 2 different cars. Good Luck, Gino..
  12. Hi, In reference to your 65, I have a driver outside remote mirror complete. Very great condition. Mechanically working condition, great chrome with no pitting. The mirror glass has very slight scratches (normal for the age) I am asking $45 + shipping. I also have another one complete & in good driver condition, good mechanical working condition. Chrome has small pitting on housing & arm. Mirror glass has nominal scratches. This one is $25 + shipping. If interested I can provide pictures. I have a 100% rating on Ebay. Thank you for your time, Gino...
  13. try the carb shop ph# 573- 392-7378 (8-4 Mon-Wed central time).
  14. L ets try this again- If you still have the T-3's contact me at... GINOINLA@AOL.COM ....... Thank you, Gino
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