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  1. Your missing the point. I never mentioned the hunting accident or how stupid DICK Cheney is for shooting another man, but thank you for providing me with another analogy. What I am saying is that Cheney would of never supported gay marriage until it directly effected him personally like in the case of his daughter. When I used the quote "another case of no one being responsible for anything anymore" it was in reference to an argument from another person who claimed that the driver of the Volvo is not taking responsibility for his actions. There are several issues being thrown around here,
  2. Now that you mention it, weren't we also told not to drink and drive? I am sick of people turning a blind eye because of someones position or status in life. Jesus, talking about another case of no one being responsible for anything anymore.
  3. Lets call a spade a spade...its human nature. Stop lying to yourself and admit that you would do anything possible to secure your family over another.
  4. Having to live with the fact that you killed 3 people is punishment enough. That alone will change someone more than any amount of jail time you would like to throw at him. I am sure if it happend to you or someone you know you would be singing a different story, but until then, your opinion will never change. *I bet Dick Cheney had a different view on gay marriage until he found out his daughter was gay. It just seems that Conservative Republican are always preaching an eye for an eye until something bad happens to them and they are faced with the same consequences that they preach.
  5. the judge said that this was an accident and that a crime did not occur because it could of happened to anyone in the courtroom including himself. He also added that he thought the man who was driving the Volvo seemed remorseful and that he believed he didn't see the other car when he pulled out so no jail time was needed. If you ask me, I thought the article seemed a little biased towards one party and chose to leave out important facts relating to the case which vilified one party while glorifying the other. Either way, the story is tragic.
  6. I guess my liberal education and constant bombardment of anti-drinking and driving commercials/education has skewed my perspective of what is right and wrong...in addition to what is an acceptable alcohol blood level content when driving. Look, I do my fair share of drinking, so I am not naive to building up a tolerance but I never drink and drive because no matter how much you drink it will effect your judgement. By the way, Michael Moore skews the data to his particular agenda a lot of times but he never blamed the men and women working at ground-zero for 9/11. He might of blamed the idio
  7. My problem is that you are not admitting fault on both sides...if you do then I have no problem. Is it becasue you are scared that classic cars are going to be required to have seatbelts soon?
  8. Your logic is flawed and once again you miss the point. There is a big difference between drinking and driving/drinking and walking. If you don't understand that then their is no point further discussing the topic. Besides, I absolutely hate hypothetical situations because they refuse to look at the particulars of the case and are mostly skewed generalizations that have no correlation to the original topic. But I will play your game...say your neighbor was driving your kids to the ice cream store and he drank enough beer to reach a .08. To all accounts he was driving fine until a car pull
  9. The whole situation is tragic and I feel sorry for both families, but I am not ready to chastise the Volvo driver who unwittingly made a mistake that anyone of us could of made. On the other hand, drinking and driving is a very serious situation in which the driver is knowingly putting both himself and others in danger. Lets not forget that he drove his children in car without seatbelts with a .08 blood level. No one even mentioned this fact. I am not saying that the Volvo didn't cause the accident, because he did, but it is what happend after the collision that I question. A sober driver
  10. I just read that the driver of the Duesenberg blew a .08 which is legally drunk in Michigan? I was just wondering what is everyones take on the tragic situation now? Should the driver of the Volvo still be put in jail or should he be exonerated? http://www.mlive.com/news/aanews/index.ssf?/base/news-16/1138376517226310.xml&coll=2
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