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  1. Very interesting to hear this history. Thanks for the informative posts Wayne and 30DodgePanel.
  2. Thanks for the replies Frank, Marty, and nzcarnerd!
  3. I guess I'm not seeing front brakes on this one...so this truck would be a '25-'26-'27?
  4. Hoping someone can tell the year & make of this truck. A friend found these two photos in an antique store. Thanks! Scott
  5. Looking for an original style battery for my 1993 Ramcharger. The only things I find on google are brand new style, or pre '80. Could someone give me a pic or a link to what the correct battery would be? And suggestions on where to purchase? Scott
  6. Is it illegal to be doing so (driving daily on historic plates)? If so, it sounds like law enforcement is doing their job.
  7. It absolutely astounds me that in some places in America this happens. The government should not be taking private property without restitution. I wish everyone had the time and money to sue city hall when things like this happen, and then they would stop. Until enough people fight it, it will continue.
  8. Yes. Last year, I was told by Mickey of the rule when I was asking her why her records showed fewer points than my records. Sounded reasonable to me as I figured the rule was to prevent someone from having 10, 20, (pick a number) judging credits without ever having judged a car. Scott
  9. novaman is correct, and it's important to note that some items within the 4 categories are worth a lot of points. For example, the engine category: Carb, fuel system, ignition, wiring, and radiator are 10 % each, but engine finish is 50%. So if you repaint your engine, you are already down 12.5% of the total score. Exterior paint is 50% as is upholstery. Scott
  10. I've been a police officer with a large AZ dep't for over 20 years. We've never been tested on the various plate styles. We're not informed when a new style is released. I've never seen the book you refer to-- only one on all state's driver's licenses to help combat fraudulent ones. So, we don't carry them...it would be really expensive (cost prohibitive) for the MVD to keep re-printing them each time a new style comes out, if they even exist. It has always been illegal to have an obscured plate. The law says the plate must be clearly visible. To me, that means the state must be visible a
  11. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I'm happy to say that the law here in Arizona will be repealed by the state legislature before the end of January.</div></div> Well, it's still with us. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">it was ridiculous, as it concerned the capability of an officer to read the word "Arizona" at the top of the plate. who could think an officer here would not be able to identify an Arizona plate just b
  12. My vote is to do away with the 10-point spread. Although I am a fairly new AACA member, I was under the impression (from hearing what was said at the judging school's I've attended, and talking to more experienced members) that there was only one philosophy in the AACA: that it will give the appropriate award to each car that deserves it. To me, this is a better way of awarding prizes than the other systems that allow for only one first prize, only one second prize, etc. But, from reading these responses, I see that there actually is another philosophy at work in the AACA: there is but one hi
  13. Bob, I too have a '58 Park Lane, but my hood opens! It has just one latch in the center. You said the cable won't move...assuming that is the problem (as opposed to a stuck latch) then I would apply penetrating oil to the cable housing (it is a wire-wound housing, so oil should penetrate to the cable itself). Do this over a period of a week or so. I realize the only place accessible to do this is the section under the dash, but maybe enough oil will migrate to where it does the trick. Then, while a helper is pulling the cable, push up on the hood panel near the latch. You'll do this from
  14. Thanks, Matt, but I'm not ready to have anything powder coated. I know the gold cad would be tough to duplicate...I was thinking of maybe a 3-step coating process of the gold, silver, and green. But I'm not a powder coater, so what do I know! If you try it, let us know how it turns out! Scott
  15. Matt, thanks for posting the pics. I have heard that "the trouble with powder coating is that it looks like powder coating!" That is, it looks like a thick coat of plastic. However, your frame and suspension arm look like paint instead. Sounds like you have found a great source for quality work--has your guy been able to duplicate the gold colored cad plating? Thanks Scott
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