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  1. Yes. I received my 5,000 mile tag in June. Jim
  2. I typically get two standard questions - "How much is it worth"? and "What kind of gas mileage does it get?" I assume that the first question is a result of the overinflated selling prices seen on the TV auction shows. Many people seem to assume that any old car in prime condition MUST sell for multiple six figures. The second question seems to come from a need to sympathize over gas prices - as if the car is my daily driver and I am approaching bankrupty by being forced to drive it. But I perceive the questions to be generally in the spirit of starting a conversation, so I quickly shift
  3. I sure enjoyed that. It brought back fond memories, as I grew up about 6 blocks from where it was filmed, and my sister still lives right there. I used to roll oranges onto Hollywood Blvd and watch the busses squash them. Great fun for a 6-year-old! One next door neighbor had a 1950 Plymouth, the other ones had a 1960 Eldorado. The man across the street had a '64 Falcon with a paxton supercharger, and my dad had a red '65 Mustang coupe, and I had the red convertible. The main difference that I see is, now the palm trees are taller. Jim
  4. Wind and rain are picking up here in eastern Virginia, along the Chesapeake Bay. We had light rain all day, but very moderate until now. Worst is supposed to arrive about 3 AM. Schools in the region are closed tomorrow - don't know yet about Tuesday. Cars are safely in the garage, and we are high enough to avoid flooding, but we may be trapped by some low-lying roads. Short of a tree falling on the house, we should do OK. Power has flickered a few times, and the computer reset once already. May lose electricity if the wind gets stronger. So far, those summer storms were worse. Jim
  5. Yes, in 2 or 3 places, depending on the year: 1 On the front fenders, behind the wheel wells and just above the rockers, there are cloisonne' badges with "Fleetwood" and small crowns. (1961 & 1962) 2 On the back of the trunk lid, above the bumper on the right (passenger) side, chrome block letter spell out "FLEETWOOD". (1961 & 1962) 3 In 1962, on the dash panel in front of the passenger, above the glove box, another cloisonne' insert with "Fleetwood" replaces the standard Cadillac Crest ornament that is attached over the radio speaker. There is a metal tag screwed onto the front
  6. In 1959 and 1960, Cadillac offered (among many other models) the: Eldorado Brougham - super luxury 4-door sedan, bodies hand crafted in Italy. Eldorado Seville - deluxe upscale-trimmed 2 door hardtop coupe. Eldorado Biarritz - deluxe upscale-trimmed 2 door convertible. These had special tri-power engines with gold painted air cleaners and valve covers. For 1961, the Brougham and Seville were discontinued, leaving the convertible Biarritz as the only remaining Eldorado trim model. The special engine was discontinued. The Eldorado continued to be the upscale-trimmed convertible through the 1966
  7. Not in Richmond, but not too far away, in Poquoson, near Hampton: Spencer McCarty - Street Rod Transmissions (757) 766-3510 Don't let the name throw you off. He diagnosed my 1961 internal hydramatic problem without even looking at it. A couple days with him and it has run perfectly ever since. Reasonable and honest!!! Worth a call and the effort to get it to him. Jim
  8. While "Q" was vacationing in Bermuda, "Z" inadvertantly installed the smoke-screen generator in the wrong location. Jim
  9. This sounds like what many Marque clubs do. I know that in the Cadillac-LaSalle club grand nationals, all of the components are tested for operational ability. It is not just a beauty contest. Jim
  10. Did it have an ejection seat in case, you know... things don't work out?
  11. Cars I hate (ed) - Corvairs, especially early models. The yellow coupe that the teenage next door neighbor girl drove, when I was about 6 years old, left a negative impression, mainly due to the black, sooty rear end. I always wondered what was wrong with such a car. Then Ralph Nader confirmed my point of view. Cars I love - Corvairs, especially early models. Strange how our opinions can change as we get older and wiser. I can spend hours now, inpecting every detail of a Corvair, and appreciating the uniqueness of the concept. I also like the variety of body styles, each offering something spe
  12. Hi Steve, Vivie and I were eating breakfast Sunday, when suddenly she jumped up and ran off. I wondered what was happening, until I saw her rushing to you. It was all so spontaneous, and she is very fond of you. This is certainly due to the kindness you have shown to her (and us) over the years. She can recognize you from far off and is eager to say hi. She told me many times, during the drive home, how much she enjoyed the show. Please accept my sincere thanks! Jim
  13. Vivian and I had a wonderful time, from the moment of our (delayed) arrival Thursday, up until departure this morning. I especially appreciate your making the rain hold off until AFTER the show, and making the hail stay away entirely. Vivian enjoyed the Kids Judging program, and loves the way she is always welcomed at AACA events. Great way to attract the next generation! See you next year, Jim
  14. Maybe I ought to change the license plates from "BATILAC" to "ECLIPSE". But, then again, it might be mistaken for some teen vampire movie... Wayne, it was. as always, a pleasure to see you again. We had a great time at the show, and Vivian enjoyed the Kids Judging program. But best of all was the friendship you showed to us. Vivie is really hooked on the AACA shows, now. Hope you get home safe. jim
  15. Thanks for the replies. We're packing the car now, so I guess we'll find out in about 8 hours. See you there! Jim
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