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  1. Tinindian, Thank you for your help! I'm sorry it has taken so long to respond back but I was in the hospital for a bit. It seems as if I won't be able to put my car back together and will be leaving it to my son to complete. I Know my sons will be able to complete it because of the many people like you who have given assistance so many times in this forum and I thank you again. I will get as much done as possible and then will watch them a bit from the sidelines. Again, thanks for all your help! jrjones
  2. I need a pattern or pictures of how to make the leather spring covers for my 1929 Oakland. I have the leather and eyelets but have no idea of how to fit them. Pictures would also help. Will pay for patterns if needed. Thanks all. rjones
  3. Could someone tell me if the reverse idler gear in my 29 Oakland is the same as one in a 29 Pontiac. The teeth are damaged in my Oakland and all I have found so far is one for a 29 Pontiac. Thanks All, rjones
  4. Have yours been replaced? I at least know mine are vacuum because I have a vacuum dash switch that is original. But, that is about all I know!
  5. I am needing to know how the wiper is mounted to the windshield, inside or outside. Is there an adapter mount or does it bolt directly to the windshield? Does anyone have any pictures? Any information about the wiper parts will be greatly appreciated! I have an Oakland but have hit a dead-end and am hoping to get info on other GM makes. Thanks All!
  6. Came rushing in from the holidays, my son was heading back out on a foreign trip and was expecting some school books via UPS. Checking my emails there was one seemingly from UPS on a non-delivery because there was nobody home. Since I had been gone and we were expecting packages I clicked on the invoice. Immediate issues. Finally a pop up comes on my screen stating that my data, (pictures, files etc.) was encrypted and unless I paid a bitcoin by a certain date or 2 bitcoins if later then I would lose all my data! Do not contact the FBI or run an antivirus as this will destroy all the data on your computer. Well, being an American, I don't pay terrorists, hijackers, carjackers, thieves etc. any money!!! Three days later and much help from friends we think we finally have my computer restored and clean and functional. Take that Boris!!!! Please, if you see an email from the UPS delete it! It is a virus and is bad news for your data! P.S. Back your entire computer up on a removable hard drive frequently! This is the only thing that saved many of my irreplaceable pictures!
  7. Thank you so much hwellens. I've been out for the holidays and haven't been able to get back to you. This was exactly what I needed! Seems like many others need the same info. Thanks again!!!!
  8. Like the original poster, sometimes I ask questions in the improper order just wanting to get to the bottom of things. I remember a frantic phone call from my wife many years ago. It took me several minutes to get her to calm down before I could get any useful information from her. Turns out she had hit the curb of an enclosed bridge and blown a tire on our truck when someone had crossed into her lane and barely missed hitting her head-on. You guessed it!!!! My very next question was, "How's the truck"? In my mind, if she was on the phone then she was ok and I needed to know if a wrecker was needed. Boy, did I get it wrong! Many years later we had lots of laughs about it but it was a mistake that I tried never to repeat ever again!
  9. I am needing the arch measurements for leaf springs on a 1929 Oakland Cabriolet Convertible. Mine need rearched and I haven't been able to find any information on them. Thanks All!
  10. 1929 Oakland Convertible Cabriolet 1928 Oakland Sport Cabriolet 1929 Cadillac Convertible Cabriolet 1928 Buick Standard Six Here are the pictures and the ads that I have found. The first is a 1929 Oakland Convertible Cabriolet. My car looks almost identical to this ad except the rumbleseat in the ad has armrests and I don't think that the Fisher bodied cars had armrests while the Stewart bodied cars did. From the ad this is a new body for Fisher. I take this to mean that the Convertible Cabriolet is the first convertible for Fisher Body. The second ad is for a 1928 Sport Cabriolet. From what I can tell this is a convertible look-alike. It has bows in the top instead of slats, has window framing on the door instead of attached to the top and the landau bars are non-functional. As written in the ad the back window panel unzips and folds in and up to attach to the top leaving the back open. The top does not come down. This, I think, is the first year for this body style for Fisher Body. The third photo is from Keiser31 posted in the photo section. It is of his grandmother in a 1929 Cadillac Convertible Cabriolet. From the picture it can be seen how the front window channel is part of the door while the rest of the window framing is part of the top. The back window will unzip and fold in and/or the top will fold down. Again, 29 is the first year for Fisher Body to do a production convertible. The fourth picture is from the photo section and is labeled as a 1928 Buick standard six coupe in Belgium. This looks to be a 28 Buick Sport Cabriolet (?), but what I find interesting is right at the top of the landau bar it looks like a strip going across the top. Could the back part of the top actually fold down like the landaulet sedan from several posts up? I don't know much about the buicks! This is the information that I have so far and hope that others can add pictures or give more information on the Fisher bodied cars for the 1928 Sport Cabriolet and the 1929 Convertible Cabriolet. Thanks all and have a merry and blessed Christmas!
  11. What books would you recommend for me to buy for my 29 Oakland. I have the owners manual, service manual and a couple of parts manuals. I would like anything with pictures or interchange information. I also have the Fisher Body Manual but have found very little information on my Cabriolet Convertible. All help is appreciated! Thanks All
  12. I have a 38 four door sittin in my yard that may need a home! I haven't decided what needs to go. Too many projects and too little time! Pontiac was my most favorite automobile brand of all time until I went to the source and bought an Oakland. But, that being said I still have many pontiacs laying around and hope to build a few more. Merry Christmas to all and I hope and pray that all have a blessed new year!
  13. Thanks guys for the replies, I have been under the weather lately and unable to post back. Dave, I have that information. What I am hoping for is rebuild information as far as the arch or the arch height. Mine are almost completely flat! I know they should have some amount of arch but have no clue how much. My local spring guy has information for things back to 32 but not earlier. Andy, that is what I was needing on my straps. I know that mine are of a much thinner material and at least 6" longer than what your measurements are. Let me see if I can get arch information and get springs rebuilt and then I will be talking to you about replacement straps. Thanks All!
  14. Thanks guys for all the replies, been under the weather and haven't been able to get back. I have some Oakland dealer info that shows some pictures and seems to be like I thought. In 28 the Sport Cabriolet was a convertible look-alike but the top didn't drop and in 29 the Convertible Cabriolet was the first Fisher Body convertible. I will try to post the pics I have soon. Would like any other information that anyone has on either of these two cars. Thanks All!
  15. Not mine! On ebay 1929 Pontiac Coup,Chevy , Ford. Body Parts. Rat Rod. Hotrod.
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