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  1. My books indicate this is from a 1926 Studebaker Big 6 and Special 6. The earlier and later Studes had mostly white gauge surrounds as opposed to the black in your photo.
  2. The one on the left I have seen numerous times before but no one has ever been able to identify it. There have been guesses anywhere from Chandler to Willys and they were all wrong. It is similar to the 1924-27 Packards as Leif mentions, however, the Packard had a more elaborate bezel and the oil gauge was stenciled 0-50 pounds. The one in your photo has no numeric designations. I don't know why I'm writing this because I have no clue as to the ID of the LH gauge cluster. The RH is as stated ('38 Ply).
  3. I believe it is a Graham, but I thought the '31 had the 4 shutter-type louvers on each side of the hood. I can't find a Graham photo to support the one posted.
  4. Here's another photo of a car from the 1930s. Back is dated Feb 1935 and taken at Davis Causeway, Florida. The gal is a cousin of mine. Any idea on the make & year of this sporty car? Sorry I can't enhance any more than this. The photo was blurry to start with.
  5. You always want to check those mechanical temp gauges before you install them....... even NOS ones. Check 'em on the stove in boiling water, then install the bulb end into the engine Run the engine to operating while constantly observing the gauge to see if it still functions properly. Mounting into the dash is the last thing to do. Glad you found the trouble!
  6. 1930-31 Pontiac/Oakland. Very distinct mount configuration.
  7. mercman - Buick used black-faced gauges through most of the 1920s until 1927. They started using white after 1927, but their oil gauges were only to 30 psi. I'm pretty sure it's not Buick. I am familiar with REO Wolverine and Flying Cloud models of the late 1920s. This is not nearly as ornate as those. If it's REO is is pre-1927. Did the other post come up with another ID? Thanks!
  8. <span style="font-weight: bold">How about this one? Anyone? Anyone? Anyone?</span>
  9. Here's another dash with gauges. Can I hope for an ID??
  10. This fell into my lap the other day. The bezel dimensions are 4.75" tall and 7.50" across. The speedo is Stewart Warner 0-75 MPH. Amps: 20; oil: 50 psi and hydrostatic gas: 15 gallons. I have seen these before but could never hang a year, make & model on the darn things. Any help?
  11. I don't know who wrote "Rolls" on the back of the photo, but I'll have to change it. This hi-res scan tells us. Just don't know what year!