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  1. I thought that was a requirement I saw one ad that had the sellers phone number, address and the cars VIN number but the seller covered the license plate
  2. Drivers side valve cover. The breather is also the oil cap.
  3. rivgs

    '67 GS for 32G

    Someone is taking Really good drugs. Seller needs to do a little research on the car to get a realistic value or is hoping all the hyperbole is going to reel in a sucker.
  4. OMG! somebody introduces a vehicle that is not a SUV? What is the world coming to? What's next, a coupe?
  5. Equipped with rare factory option bucket seats and console. Yeah, right...
  6. I checked my 68 shop manual and it doesn't show any relays there. If it was a 67, it would be for the headlight motor control. Does your car have the vacumn pods to make the headlights go up and down or has it been converted to an electric motor? Is your car left hand drive or converted to right hand drive?
  7. Original Parts Group has a reproduction passenger side mirror for $212.99.
  8. That's a fad I wish I started, I would have a Buick collection that would make Mr. Bulgari's look like nothing.
  9. Thanks Ed, I guess I will bite the bullet and hope for the best.
  10. Has anyone purchased bumper fillers from Replica Plastics in Alabama? They have rear fillers in ABS for 74-76 Rivs which seems to hard to find recently. I would be interested in the quality of their parts.
  11. Terry, Larry, Bernie and whomever else should get together and: 1, Design a medallion, plaque or whatever they would like to hand out. 2, Come up with a budget. 3, Have a proposal on how it will be implemented and tracked. 4, Submit to the BCA board for approval. This isn't rocket science.
  12. This guy has another Craigslist ad with a WHOLE bunch of 60's to 70's Riviera parts for sale including a dual quad engine sitting off to the side. I may have to make a drive down to check things out sometime.
  13. 63-65 are the same. Go for it Raul.
  14. A lot of people don't seem to know that there used to be vinyl seats in cars. These days it is cloth or leather and some people think it was always that way. I agree with Bleach, I would want to look it over before buying, Bondo can be made to look REAL good and with the car so reasonably priced, I would be concerned. Then again someone on the board could buy the car and then post pictures of a pristine car and I will kick myself for not taking the chance.
  15. I just had some bumpers done by them this spring. They turned out great.
  16. Seafoam, Look at it this way, after you have had the bezels rechromed, your car will have original Buick parts and not aftermarket. Original is best. As Jason Z. says, Buy once, cry once. The quality will be remembered long after the price is forgotten. Feel better now?
  17. I looked at this car about 10 years ago and it was an easy no at $8,000 then. The car was at best a driver with the floors getting soft then. Doesn't look like much has changed except a new owner.
  18. Tom is right, single piston calipers are 1970, 67-69 are dual. These are a 1970 disc brakes.
  19. There is some misconception on how the National Meet Committee works. The NMC would welcome chapters to want to host a National and encourage them to do so. The NMC was formed to make sure that the BCA would continue to have a meet once a year. The committee is here to help as needed with running a meet. We have professionals to help with hotel negotiations and committee members to help with advice on how to run things. The chapter need a suitable site to have the meet and members willing to put the time in ( meet chairperson and committee members and workers ) The BCA will help with the finances so that is not a hurdle for chapters anymore. Again, the NMC is here to help the chapters as needed run a meet, not to run the meet.
  20. The unmolested car seems to be missing the front seat... Looks like a keeper however.
  21. Hmmm, three cars and three kids who are budding Buick enthusiasts. Me thinks there is an ulterior motive here.
  22. "Have bumpers"? I'm thinking we have a project car here.
  23. 1967 is the first year the power windows were connected to the ignition switch. 63-66 are hot all the time.
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