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  1. Hi everyone,  I need a new fuel pump for my 1970 Riviera GS. I remember someone found a pump from a Ford Econoline that fits with slightly higher pressure. Does anyone know the part number?

  2. Hi Everyone.   It is time to cut down the collection of Rivieras. Just too many to keep up with.

    84 Turbo convertible. Red, newer white top 49k actual digital dash and HVAC controls. A nice car $16k   1 of 47 made


    85 Turbo Convertible. White, needs new top for show but is weather tight, rear seat needs to be redone. Front seat replaced with nice one from a coupe ( original front seat included ) 101K runs very well. $11k  1 of 49 made.


    73 GS Triple black with factory sunroof, Most options ( A/C, pw, plocks, pseat, am/fm stero 8 track.  Not a true Stage 1, no W in the VIN  $22k


    Others coming up later




  3. Cherrybomb, The dash lights are controlled by the headlight switch, you rotate the knob to adjust the brightness and the may be just turned off. If not, the fuse box is located about where your left toes would point when you are sitting behind the wheel. Look for a fuse marked " Inst pnl ". It is also possible the rheostat on the headlight switch may be bad, so you may need a new switch.

  4. Ted,  The wheels aren't to difficult to find but tend to be a little "used". They can be refurbished professionally or if you have some time ,your self. The hard thing to find are center caps. The emblems are usually  cracked  or missing ( similarly to the 63-65 Knock off wheel covers- hint hint Turbinator ). They also have special lug nuts, so be sure to have them if you want to mount these wheels on you Riviera ( or Toronado or Eldorado -not correct, but cool none the less ).

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  5. Remove the ashtray assembly( the entire slide out) remove the rear bracket supporting the radio, remove the heater duct tube behind the radio ( round fabric with metal coils,disconnect the wiring and then the nuts at the radio control studs (the ones at the front you can see in your picture ) wiggle the radio back and down through the ashtray hole. Should take about 15 minutes.

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  6. I got a call from a new ROA member today. He is restoring a 75 Riviera that his parents bought new and he needs the temp sensor that screws into the back of the drivers side cylinder head. He has tried the Buick Farm and his local NAPA store with no luck. I checked CARS website, Rock Auto, EBAY and O'Reillys with no luck either. Does anyone have one to sell or know where to find one? I would like to help this guy and will pass on to him who should get the credit for helping him ( and me ).

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