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  1. I suspect the cars, at least in advert where various cars have the brothers racing they may be a part of the Chrylser museum collection as there was an official display that seemed to have these cars in it.
  2. Yes and they have the badge at 21 sec as a one off colour.
  3. Yes the 100 year ads have been great. I found it a bit strange that the original DB badge/ logo was omitted from all the official merchandise and advertising.
  4. Hi Dave, Sure I remember you, yes the same car. I think I sent you the picture of the dash on the right too. (looking close up it had a 4lb oil gauge! which does not make sense with with the ignition etc). I found a 124 sedan picture on line, the cluster looks the same as the one I have. On the crop the amps appears to have the DB script and oil not! Another difference is some speedos go up in 5mph and others 10 mph just to complicate things further! Kind regards Philip
  5. Hi Dave, Thanks for posting those. The car on the right is Derek Finlays, I got a drive in in two weeks ago when visiting him. His had a Fast four engine, bullet headlights as the 126, he has the triangular cluster but fast four gauges pointing downwards. The second from the right shows the dodge script oil gauge which tells me they were available although the triangular cluster second from the left appears to have the gauge without the dodge script, maybe anything went/ goes. Thanks again Philip
  6. Stakeside, That appears the same to the "fast four" cars, ie. without one piece glass face and gauges pointing down. Thanks for posting
  7. Thanks, there must have been many changes in the 27 period, probably not helped with domestic and export models either, although the green would be domestic.
  8. I recently purchased a 1927 series 124 instrument cluster. I brought it primarily for the 10 lb oil gauge with the arrow pointing upwards, that particular gauge being unique to the series 124 as the Fast four (128 series) has gauges pointing downwards. The script on the oil gauge is not in the DB script whereas the amp gauge I have is so I presume I may still not have the correct face. I am interested to know if the green face is original (it appears to be) and to what type of vehicle it would be original too?. I had another similar glass faced cluster with a dark wood grained face,
  9. The 26-27 were unusual and like this. Original pictures of the period show this to be correct. Our cars are RHD but we did not worry about reversing them, and figured if any cars were ever exported they probably did not tool these plates up for RHD cars. The step plates I have for the victory 6 may be similar to the DA but they are for a RHD car.
  10. Attached are pictures of the step plates I have had repoduced for the 26-27 roadters. Dave Wollam kindly loaned me one plate which was used as the basis for the top one and the lower one was made from measurments and photographs. I have molds if anyone needs casting please PM me. I also have a the two castings from a Victory 6 roadster that I I no longer need, PM me if you need these.
  11. I have seen these before here, so possibly was a NZ made item. He is a link to the auction. Dodge Brothers Step? for sale - TradeMe.co.nz - New Zealand It would be reasonably easy to repoduce with a water cutter in SS plate.
  12. There is a DB step plate for sale here in New Zealand. I have seen this before. can anyone help with whether is it factory of a locally made item. Thanks in advance
  13. Attached are pictures of my DD's foot rest and rug rail. Mine is a Windsor export car so may be a little different. I have a spare rug rail, if anyone is intersted in this plese PM me.
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