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  1. What size are the small bulbs in the dash? Are they readily available? Also, how would one change the red color illumination in the dash to green? Thanks Ken
  2. Does anyone know of a source of supply for the rubber weather stripping that was used on the removable top? Thanks Ken Plym69
  3. I would be interested in the speedometer,headlights,parking lights and the stainless facia around the front bumper. You can contact me at morcenfm@epix.net Thanks Ken
  4. Hi Folks, Two puzzlers - First about two months ago my speedometer stopped working but the odometer continued to function. Replaced the sensor but no results with the speedo - odometer continued to work. Yesterday the odometer went dead. Any ideas? Second question - When I purchased the car two years ago the dealer never disclosed to me that the master cylinder had a small leak - after I discovered it I found that by adding a small amount of fluid periodically the brakes work fine. The cost to replace it wit a RECONDITIONED unit seems too expensive and quite frankly I'm not sure the dealership could do the job correctly. My question is = How easy would it be to replace the unit with a Lebaron cylinder realizing I would probably lose the anti-lock feature? My local mechanic says he could do it. Any suggestions?
  5. Seems like everything wants attention all of a sudden. Car was out in the rain a few nights ago and now onje of the porthole windows is fogged in the center covering half of the logo. Will this dry out in time? Or is there a quick fix short of taking it apart? Thanks Ken
  6. Hi TC Toy, It is just the speedo - the odometer works fine. Thanks Ken
  7. Hifolks, Looking for a speedometer but not having to much luck. There is a used one on ebay but the price is awfully steep and the mileage is considerable higher than what is on my car. Does anyone repair these things? Ken
  8. Hi Robb 221 Which heater check valve and where is it located? Sorry, I'm new at this. Thanks Ken
  9. Hi, Any TC owners near to williamsport,Pa. Ken
  10. Jim, I would be interested. Email me at morcenfm@epix.net Thanks Ken
  11. Hi, Looks like I'm going to need a speedometer. Anyone have a lead on where I can find one ? Thanks Ken
  12. Thanks guys.Not looking forward to taking that dash apart. Two questions: Is there an easy way to remove the headlight knob - and - once I get the dash apart is there a way to change the color of the illumination from orange to green? Thanks Ken
  13. Help! Speedometer was working fine -then started jumping erratically - did this for several miles and then died altogether. Odometer is working. Replaced the Speed Distance Sensor and cleaned the female connector. Still no luck. Odometer works fine. What else could it be? If it is the speedo - any idea on what a replacement would cost? Thanks for any ideas - Ken
  14. The ac on my 1989 tc Runs cold but periodically it seems like the vent closes - the fan keeps running but no air comes out -then after about a minutes the vents seem to open and all is normal again. This goes on and on like this. Any ideas?
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