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  1. As I have said before I am cleaning out my 92 year old mother's house. The second set of wheels do not match the front wheels. My family purchased the 28 rear end and it is complete with brakes and wood wheels but no tires. I do not know if the additional wheels fit the 28 rear. The engine turns over and is a 23 as is the three speed transmission. Any numbers for the four speed transmission are hidden under a mounting bracket. $700 obo
  2. No I do not. I purchased it from a logger who used it to pull logs back in the 40's and 50's. He had the original 3 speed trans. and added a 4 speed trans.behind it. They were connected to a solid rubber dual wheel rear end. He had pulled the Oldsmobile out of a salvage yard in Corry PA. The two tranmissions are still there. The rear end is gone but I have a 1928 rear end going with it.
  3. New price $700. Give it about another week.Thank you, John
  4. Ok the gentleman who told me Friday he was definitely taking the car texted me today and backed out of the deal. If your are interested text me or email me through this site. $800 obo for the 1923 frame, engine, hood, transmission, bell housing, clutch, radiator, front axle , springs wheels and tires, steering wheel, Column and box, cowl, brake master cylinder, brake and clutch pedels, a 4 speed transmission mounted directly behind the 3 speed transmission, rear leaf springs, has has tank, front fenders. Found 2 wood wheels for the car in fair condition, have a 1928 rear end for it , and while getting it ready for shipping I actually found 3 boxes of miscellaneous small parts for the car. It needs to go soon.
  5. I do have an agreement with a gentleman from Illinois to purchase the 1923 Oldsmobile. He plans on picking it up later next week. If the deal falls through I will let this forum know. Thank you, John
  6. Thank you for posting it to the Speedster Group. Someone texted me what I was asking for it. I will start at $800 for all the parts. Remember this includes the 28 rear end with wood wheels and a smaller box of metal braces and wood framing! I am in the process of getting my 92 year of mother's house ready to sell. The garage is first. I will give it a week or two before I send it to the scrap yard. John
  7. This is John who has the 1923 Oldsmobile. I also have a 1928 rear end and just found a small box of smaller sheet support pieces with some would frame pieces attached. I also have a miscellaneous windshield frame. Erie Pa is beautiful this time of the year. One offer takes it all. Thank you to Steve for putting the ad out! My 92 year old mother wants it out of the garage. Text 1-814-923-8770 or respond to this ad.
  8. Trying to post more photos, having problems. It does have the following identification: 26D141 and a circle with an "a" in the middle
  9. Can anyone identity this rear axle , looks like late 30's to 50's
  10. Does anyone recognize the attached truck rear axle? Took it off my 1923 Oldsmobile. Someone made a tractor. Maybe late 30's to 50's. Will scrap it if I can not find out what it is. Thank you, John
  11. Looking for a 1923 Oldsmobile era complete rear axle and wood wheels. Other parts needed, contact me with what you have. Thank you, John 1-814-323-4556
  12. Looking for information on the Payne-Modern automobile made in Erie, PA Would love to bring a car back to Erie, any condition contact John 1-814-838-8153