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  1. SOLD to a Jonestown PA area family and will be used for a play about the Beverly Hillbillies. Thank you Steve Moskowitz for placing the ad! John Whelpley
  2. I am not new to the hobby. My wife and I have a 1967 Mustang and a 1959 DeSoto. Our son has a 1982 Mustang, 1968 Mustang, 1984 BMW, 1953 Chevy truck, an a 1967 MGB. Our daughter has 1988 Mustang. Also my father was service manager for Packard Erie Motor Car Co., before and after WWII. It is not tenacity, just trying to keep the hobby going. You can find Model T parts every where, but find old Oldsmobile parts. Like I said earlier snow is coming. In fact 2 years this December 26th our 2nd Grandson was born. Between Christmas Day and late on the 26th Erie, Pa had 53 inches of snow. My Chevy one ton plow never failed me. One dumpster is gone, ordering the second. John
  3. I live in Erie Pa. Have you ever heard of the snow belt? The past 2 years we have had 130 and 190 inches of snow. Winter will be here soon and everything must be cleaned up at my mother's. It is already time to get the plow trucks ready and wood split last year ready to burn. I have spent enough time dealing with the 23 Oldsmobile.
  4. Great idea about EBay. I live in Erie Pa and do not have delusions of grander! I have worked in two open die for forge shops for over 22 years. I now am a purchaser of steel for a machine shop. I know what scrap prices are. And note, I was not looking for a new ATV or go cart, just equal value.
  5. Ok no one wants to buy the 23 Oldsmobile parts car. The last post actually got my Grandson thinking. He told me the gentleman that wants to to pay scrap price won't scrap it. He will purchase it a take it to Carlisle or Hershey to sell! Pretty smart kid. If I could take off work I would try doing that. What he wants is a 4 wheel ATV or two seat go cart. How about a trade of equal value. The ATV must have a title. John
  6. I agree! I work near a metal recycling center. A few years back when they offered incentives to scrap older cars you would have been appalled by what went across the scales and to the crusher. I did have a $650 offer but told the gentleman he could pay when he arrived from Illinois. He called me four times in two days and made sure each time I knew he was taking it. My mistake. He texted five days later and said he would not take the Olds without a title.
  7. All I am doing is trying to get as much as I can for my mother's care. As I have said earlier is the ad she is 92. Something now needs done with the house and contents.. A local Oldsmobile collector has made an offer on the engine. Some how he wants to cut the "Oldsmoblie" script out of the engine block. Not sure what he would do with it. We will see how the week goes.
  8. Added photo of transmissions. $700obo. For about a week then send it with the other scrap metal. September is coming and I need to clear my mother's house.
  9. Photos added. $700 obo. I can't wait too much longer. It is almost September in Erie PA and my Mother's house needs cleared.
  10. 1923 Oldsmobile 6 Cylinder parts car I have listed in the Cars for Sale section.. Has frame, fenders, fuel tank, 6 cylinder engine, with transmission. The steering column and wheel, front wheels and tires are there. There is an additional 4 speed transmission behind the olds 3 speed. It has some type of windshield frame. I have 1928 rear leaf springs and rear axle with wood wheels. Save it before I send it to the scrap dealer. $700
  11. As I have said before I am cleaning out my 92 year old mother's house. The second set of wheels do not match the front wheels. My family purchased the 28 rear end and it is complete with brakes and wood wheels but no tires. I do not know if the additional wheels fit the 28 rear. The engine turns over and is a 23 as is the three speed transmission. Any numbers for the four speed transmission are hidden under a mounting bracket. $700 obo
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