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  1. I need a 4 spoke rubber steering wheel from 1929 or 30 for my 1930 Indy Oakland Racer project. Was there a 29 marque matching this or perhaps a 1930?
  2. Guffin, Thank you for the reply. I will look into that. johna
  3. leadfoot, Thank you for responding. I'm sorry it has taken so long but I was injured and now on the mend. If you would send me an email I could send you a picture of the car and shock for comparison. My email address is Thanks, johna
  4. Brad, Sorry it has taken so long for me to respond but I was injured and now on the mend. I have not seen this shock but was told it most likely would have been hydraulic. I do have a picture of the shock on the Oakland Racer I'm reconstructing. as a novice computer person I have alot of difficulty using this web site and do not know how to post a photo. However, if you would drop me an email at I will send you photo's of the car and shocks. Thank you Johna
  5. Art, Thanks for respondingand sorry it has taken so long to reply but I was injured and now on the mend. The Gabriel's are hydraulic and used circa 1930. I need a set for an Oakland racer I'm reconstructing. The photo I have shows a chrome plated cover over the shock. Agian my thanks to all of you for your help, Johna
  6. Wanted: Gabriel Shocks both front and rear pairs. These would be vintage shocks used on race cars around the 20's and 30's John
  7. Wanted Winfield Carburetor Model S Down draft
  8. WANTED Winfield carberator model S contact John at
  9. WANTED Gabriel shocks, 1920 - 1930's era.
  10. Thanks for the info Art, I know Marion and he is indeed knowledgeable on the Oakland/Pontiac V8
  11. pitt64, I tried to send you the Oakland photo's but they returned indicating your e-mail address was incorrect. please resubmit your e-mail and I'll try again. John
  12. Stude8, Thank you for the heads-up I looked at their site and they seem to specialize in cars that are in the high dollar range. The Oakland is an interesting piece of history but not a valuable one in terms of dollars and cents. In fact as far as race cars go it was not a sleek vehicle and as I was informed by an Indy Museum historian "a rather ughly race car" But they may be a good source of parts if they aren't to expensive for me. Thanks John
  13. Art, You might be interested to know that Ira Vail sent a letter to GM after the race in which he thanked them for such a fine car. He indicated that he bought a rolling chassis from a Long Island dealership a few months before the race and made only minor modifications. In the letter he goes on to state that he shortened the wheel base and fitted a "special racing gear in your regular rear axle" and a racing body. It qualified at an average speed of 95 MPH, was timed at a maximum of 105 MPH and averaged 85 MPH for the race. I believe the car performed with very good MPG as it has been reported to have made only one pit stop for fuel. I'm seeking conformation that the engine was also fitted with RAY DAY pistons, two Winfield carburators and Gabriel shocks. I have not been able to aquire the specification sheet for all 1930 Indy cars but hope to do so, and confirm the later information. There is also some question as to the size of the Buffalo Wheels, 20" or 21" by 3 1/2" or 4" I do know he ran Firestone tires. John
  14. Joe, I went to the site and tried to enter the form but was locked out. My guess is that I must be a member to use the form. Something I'm reluctant to do at this early research stage. As you might imagine it could become very costly to join every orginization that I request information from. Especially when most of them will not have information on this car. Of course once the car is built I plan to support those orginizations that best suit my situation. Thanks John
  15. Thank Joe for the input. I'm building an exact replica of this racer an need all the research information I can lay my hands on. John