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  1. I recently parted out a 54 New Yorker not much left but I do have the transmission and driveshaft if anyone is interested also the heater box. Located in Long Island NY. Call anytime. 631 988-1139
  2. Hey John it's Doug from Long Island NY. I purchased the 1948 Olds 98 that I told you about last year. Oddly enough I would like to do the same engine swap as you. I have a 1949 303 with a cool tri power set-up. Please let me know how the swap goes, I think it will be straightforward. Good Luck! 631 988-1139
  3. I have actually two questions regarding my 48 Olds 98 2DR Fastback. My bumper is in bad shape. What other year Oldsmobiles would have the same bumper? Same goes for the split windshield? Anybody know? I want to get this car into the garage for my winter project as soon as possible but I'm still in the parts accumulating stage. Thanks guys!
  4. Thank you, I was under the impression that regardless of the height of the garage door that the top portion of the track has to be that high as well, to properly lift the door. I no longer think this is completely accurate. I think a different spring pulley set-up may help without adding panels to the door. Thanks for your help.
  5. I currently have a 7' high garage door opening and door. The ceiling height in my garage is 11 feet. I was just given a 2 post car lift that I want to install in my garage. What I want to do is put a taller door in and extend the door track so that when the door is in the up positon it is close as possible to my 11' ceiling therby making room for me to open and close the garage door while I have a car on the lift. Has anyone ever run into this problem? It seems silly to have to buy a 10' door when only 7' of it will show is there a better answer? Thanks!
  6. I have a picture of what I thought was a 1917 Maxwell Touring that my Grandfather bought in Nov. of 1916, however the grill on the front of the car is rounded like a 1916 Maxwell. Does anybody know if the early '17 Maxwells had the rounded off grill. How about what date the '17 was released to the public for sale? I do know for a fact that he bought the car in Nov. of 1916 for $512 dollars. If I can figure out how to send a picture I will attach it. Thanks
  7. I would like to buy a 1917 Maxwell Touring car. I would prefer a running car but would consider all. Will travel. I can be emailed at Thank You, Doug
  8. I very much would like to buy a 1917 Maxwell Touring type car. Would prefer running condition but would consider all. I live on the East Coast but I am willing to travel. Thanks, Doug
  9. dougb

    1917 maxwell info

    thanks, i ended up buying 2 of those models on e-bay cause i thought i lost the first auction. i'll have to research the paul harvey story. thanks again!
  10. dougb

    1917 maxwell info

    If anyone has any info on the whereabouts of the 1917 Maxwell that was driven cross country by C.W. Tuthill and his friend Scully in 1916-1917, I would be very interested. My name is Douglas Tuthill Bassemir and Clifford Wayne Tuthill is my Grandfather. I recently came across my Grandfathers pictures and complete diary of the trip. Very interesting reading, and very cool pictures. I was also amazed to discover that a model company had cast a metal model bank of my Grandfathers car in 1997. In the description of the model it says the trans-continental trip was completed in a record time of 10 days but I don't believe this is accurate as my Grandfather was not racing across the states but rather testing Texaco fuel and Firestone Tires (and of course Maxwell cars) for durability. I have no idea if this car is still around. Maybe it's in a museum somewhere. If anyone knows please let me know. Thanks,