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  1. Hi could you send some pictures to takingoff2002@msn.com ? My wife is looking for a dailey driver,would you consider this to be one? Thank You.vernmco@msn.com
  2. HI I have one 16inch rim for a buick,all the clips are good. It will need to be sandblasted,& painted.Email or call my cell 505 313 1778.Location is SW. NM. Have A Great Day
  3. Hi Dick did they sell the 51Merc? If not send me some pics. I buy all kinds of old cars.VernsClassics. S/W NM.505 313 1778
  4. Hi if you still have the 15"rims for the 39Buick Century I would like to buy them. call me at 505 313 1778 Thank You.Vernsclassics
  5. Hi I'm not sure what the A stands for,but here is a Ph# you can call to find out.The name is Doug @440 835 1193. He knows all there is to know about Buicks.Good luck verns classics
  6. Hey,Do you have anymore 39Buick parts? I need runningboards & mounting brackets for a 60series 4dr.Thank You.verns classics in S/W New Mexico,USA
  7. WTB 1939Buick 60series For parts.I need misc.PartsI am located in S/W New Mexico USA.I also have a 1950Chevy.Delux Fleetline Project car for sale,or trade for?????
  8. Hi Just wondering if you sold those rims.I didnt know I needed them til now.My 39 Century os almost done & I find the wheels are not correct. Also If you have or know anyone that might have a pair of runningboards & mounting brackets for this 60series 4dr,I could sure use them. Thank You & Have A Great Day.Mr Vern
  9. WTB Runningboards&Brackets for 1939BuickCentury60series
  10. does anyone have a set of runningboards&mounting,brackets for a 1939BuickCentury?Thats all I need to complete my restoration.Thanks
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