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  1. here's my Merceder astral silver: It still needs some more color sanding
  2. I made a 8 month process of getting just the right paint.It had to have the iridescence of the Silver Arrow--which was my inspiration for the color: I used Mercedes Astral Silver because the German paints have finer metallic mica/metallics which contribute to the iridescence. Porsche polar Silver is very cool because it was a touch of blue in it. My painter said the '63'65 Riv's look best with a brighter color. he wanted to paint mine Lexus pearl white. But since mine was originally Silver cloud, i wanted to stick to something that closely resembled it. One stunning Riv I saw in the "let's see those Riv's!" thread had one in champagne that looked drop dead gorgeous A Lot of people told me black. It is cool, but shows all the swirl marks and any surface imperfections. Unless you have a lot of time and/or money, block sanding the body to get a smooth paint application, and then color-sanding it between colors and clear, it doesn't show off the car as it was meant to be shown.That's why silver was THE color to get.It just totally complemented its lines. the light -blue-metallic also looks good, but nearly so as this Porsche polar silver color that had the fine silver iridescence and a hint of blue.
  3. The last owner of my '73 Riv had the A/C system completely converted to the newer environmentally friendly refrigerant(R-45?)last year. The systems seems to work well, except yesterday i was driving,and did get warm,so tried the AIR and MAX COOL. They used to be ice-cold. Now it feels like vent air, although when I select even there is a change in temperature between the two. id there an inexpensive to re-charge the A/C system? I don't have all the pressure gauge tools and such
  4. VERY NICE '75 GS! I don't drive my '76 in the winter. But I do drive the '73. One thing I like about the '73's front bumper is that it juts so far forward, it is resistant to damage occurring from rear ending another car--like I did yesterday after a huge snow storm
  5. It's running again very well. But this problem only happens after a snow storm (when the humidity is high).There's a procedure i found that works: Floor the accelerator to set the fast idle cam, crank the engine for 3 sec, pump the accelerator 3X, and then crank the starter and flip on the ignition w/o putting your foot on the throttle. In my case, I find that i do Have to do the last step with the accelerator to the floor, so I think the carb must be flooded. Anyway, this method works
  6. Rivnut, I thin you're right--it is probably a carb> trans TV cable adjustment. At first, he said that he encounter problems doing this conversion. He mentioned how my original Carter AFB was the problem. First he claimed the choke was too lean--which it wasn't; it always ran rich (there's not even a thermostatic oil in the choke). But with the dynaflow, the carb ran well and very smoothly. I finally did pick it up after he changed the stall converter. He now claims there's nothing wrong with the carb. he stuck some TV cable bracket to the back of the carb's rear intake mounting bolt. I and my friend asked him about adjustments that may have to be made. When I first picked it up, he insisted the trans was working exactly the way it should. And also what I perceived as high rpms is just my "roaring" flex-fan; I am intimately familiar with how this fan has sounded; it's been that way for 20 years. Than after I last picked it up, he contradicts himself saying the trans was working MUCH better. well, it doesn't. It would be apparent to anyone driving the car. There's definitely some adjustments that need to be made with the carb, but it IS impossible to deal with him. There's always some rationalization. I even asked him about the kick-down cable to the carb, and if it needed to be adjusted. I don't think I ever got an answer to that question. I really haven't had time to deal with my '63; I've been working on the '73, and been busy in my own personal life. But it bugs me, after paying all this money, that even the leaking dynaflow worked better than this arrangement. I really wish I had never had this done.
  7. state farm has a good policy for special-interest cars.
  8. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Sweet looking rides! I love all of them! Here are a couple late model pics to represent... </div></div> I,too, like the last riviera model; and this one looks sweet. Is that air-intake by the rear wheel functional? Did it come from the factory that way?
  9. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">This is what I am working on now - a low mileage, loaded , one owner , small emblem GS. All it needs is paint and detail. Changing color to Bamboo Cream . </div></div> I like the look of the unpainted, chromed road wheels.
  10. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">My 1972 and 1997 Riviera's </div></div> That black '72 is one of the best mildly customized Boattails I've seen. Very Tasteful
  11. After doing a completely new ultra-high-energy ignition system, my '73 Boat ran soo much better--better throttle response,more Hp,torque,no bogs or hesitations and an increase in mpg (8.9>15.1)!!! But because i have to park it outside in MN sub-zero weather (I have three other spots from other, better Buicks), I've encountered intermittent problems starting the car. Almost every time it has snowed here, the car will not start. The engine sounds like it's about to ignite and then doesn't. Later when It warms up a bit, it may start, and then continue to run well, and start easily when cold. I've been through this three times The choke mechanism appears to be working. But I noticed some gas accumulating by the carb. previously I had tightened down the 4 carb bolts.In the '73manual, it says on possibility might me a cracked or porous "Float Bowl". Could there be gaskets that need to be replaced. I read once that ethanol-rich gas attacks almost every rubber part in the fuel system.And in MN, we have ethanol-formulated gas. Also when it's cold, the volatility of gas changes. When running, the carb's performance is excellent--smooth idle, no stumble, good throttle response, etc. This problem is bugging me!!! Any ideas??? Please!
  12. I had hoped it would, too. When I picked it up, Bob claimed the problems were due to the carburetor, which worked great with the dynaflow. It looks like he's added some cable to the kick-down tab, where the mechanical linage used to activate the S/P dynaflow. he also has an electronic controller, which he wired by sticking its 12V wire into the fuse box on another cicuit. Being a big high-end mobile audio buff, I spend time on wiring--fusing each lead within 18" of the battery, neatly running and organizing wires, etc. In Bendtsens web page, he exalts every piece he makes, like this electronic controller, calling the very best one on the market, yet he wires it like a hack stereo installer. Since It's now sub-zero here in MN, with a lot of salty road, I'm not planning on driving it for awhile. Tim,I think I will try the manual 1st gear shifting. But I just cringe driving it, trying to get to 30mph is such a slow endeavor, it makes me ashamed to drive it. He claims this is a rebuilt transmission; it performs like it needs rebuilding! This 700R4 project was a big mistake. I wish I could have used a '65 TH400 with S/P. I love the THM-400's in my '73 GS and my '76. GREAT TRANSMISSION!!! Firm engagement, smooth shifting at the right times. Some have called the THM-400 one of the world's best automatic (Rolls Royce uses it), and I can see why. My disappointment with this major,expensive conversion is really troubles me. I love my '63, and when he was test-driving it with mein the car, he treated the car like crap. mashing the accelerator, slamming on the brakes, arguing the whole while how "this is normal." One thing I learned about working on my riv's: If you don't do it yourself, most of the time the work won't be done right (well, I've had a couple of good mechanics--but that isn't the rule).
  13. 1976 Buick Riviera--all NOS original parts. This bad boy has stage 1heads and intake from a '70 455, installed by the original Buick dealer. There no smog pumpod any evidence that there ever was one. The intake has notblock-off plate. This car was used just in the winter in Palm Springs by a gentleman who hadit stripped and repainted it the original extra-cost, Riviera-only "Congressional Cream" in laquer with a buckskin leather interior (perfect) and vinyl top. This car had all AC-Delco parts until I added an ACCEL HEI with ACCEL best in-cap coil and highest performance ignition module that matches the coils characteristics to give a long coil saturationand a long-duration, strong spark. And Accel 300+ wires, R45TSX plugs gapped at 0.065" Other than that everything is stock or restored to better than new quality.All the chrome was replated. The owner has all the rubber extension panels molded and fiberglassed. I did havve to buy another plastic replacement for the center rear section, after the original cracked driving across the Rockies last winter. This is one the best examples of '74-'76 Rivieras I've ever found. The unrestored interioris absolutely perfect, no cracks or even dulling in the lustre of the leather. It runs great---very smooth,smoother than my Lexus.When I traveled across country, I maintained speeds up to 120 mph for about 40minutes, without the engine feeling taxed. It has every option except the Astroroof, and all options work--even the digital (pre-LED) clock.
  14. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> </div></div> Very artistic! Metal in Motion!
  15. Thanks, Tim. I'd appreciate that anytime. my # is 760-989-1597
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