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  1. the 2.5 in exhaust from FWdp will fit as its a mostly universal kit, you will have to cut your current downpipe at the cat or just after the cat and add the new to it. i did that with my exhaust for the 16V masi daytona i built. i used a 2.5 hi flo magnaflow cat and muffler set up with her system. was pretty cheap also
  2. still for sale, would like to move before carlisle so i might get another toy. i'm negotiable on the price as i have another car i'm looking to purchase that is less money than im asking for this
  3. i know dealers installed clifford alarms, i have paperwork from a dealer when they did the one on my 90. it had a key fob to disarm it. my 91 spirit r/t has the same dealer installed alarm
  4. headed back to yard tomorrow see if anything is left thats usuable from the car and see what else can be found
  5. those visors are well worth 50$ at least on ebay, dont ask me how i know.
  6. all parts replaced there hood,grill, core support, fenders, and all the rest. talk about the expensive parts all being gone now, waste of a car, worth maybe 500$
  7. replaced the spare compartment prop the other day. replaced the alternator about 2 months ago. started and was running in the driveway the other day. would really like to make some room. 6500$ or best offer
  8. should be same length, possibly taller, i dont have access to specs. i have road race daytona springs in the rear of my TC and they were heavy gage but shorter in length then the factory tc springs
  9. anyone looking for a complete running motor? 2500$ buys you a complete motor and trans i believe. its listed on turbo-mopar.com and turbododge.com. motor is in WI. price is fair, was for a wrecked 90 car i think. users name is Harold
  10. springs from an 89 dodge daytona shelby or chrysler lebaron GTC should be firmer
  11. could be a bad sensor for the abs, could be a hydraulic brake unit. if the pedal feels fine i vote bad abs sensor
  12. the one you sell Larry is slightly longer than the factory one i removed, and i have 2 of them from cars and both are shorter. buts its installed and works so for the price i think it was a good deal
  13. probly best to just have yours rebuilt
  14. if you have a V6 or 2.2L automatic you can get a new one at any reputable auto parts store. take it with you to verify you get the correct one with the correct tone rings. right and left should be the same, these cars use an equal length system with a jackshaft to compensate for length on the passenger side
  15. anybody looking for one of these in working condition? removed and its beeen sitting for a few years in my backyard. has 150xxx miles on it. will take 100$ plus shipping for it.
  16. i sold one car on ebay. its not terrible and they provide an autocheck report. take as many pictures as possible and only accept paypal and tell anybody that wants it to be shipped that need to handle making reservations for it. be prepared if you do not set a reserve price to possibly be dissapointed with the sale price. most items dont sell unril the final seconds of an auction and sometimes setting a low reserve and offering a buy it now option for what you actually want for it can help sell it faster an weed out the last minute penny pinchers.
  17. if it were a 2.5l id understand the low rev limit, but TCs have a 2.2L and that should rev well past that strongly
  18. anybody in need of any original underhood lamp coiled power wire to complete there TC? mine was melted when i bought it and managed to find one in a parts car. this is a spare. asking 35$ shipped for it and i have a photo.
  19. there are reproductions of anything you can ask for. the logo seems too good or slightly different thats why im questioning it
  20. is that passenger floor mat an original?
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