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  1. the rears do so little work, I doubt you would notice the difference in dirtiness of a ceramic over a semi metallic. fronts it is very noticeable on tho
  2. I bought these during the group buy a few years ago. they were custom made for the 80-90 16V cars. Fidanza brand, new in box, never used. these were made back in 2007. probly will never see a set of these for sale again. they cost 275$ shipped back then, il take 275$ shipped for them if anybody wants them
  3. This is why i asked for a 89 TC's turbo. Fully aware non Intercooled T1 cars are mitsu. Only T2 intercooled 2.2l cars have garrett turbos
  4. Yup same, but daytona lebaron ppl are hoarding anything t2, was hoping maybe a tc person wasnt
  5. anybody got one of these turbos from an 8v turbo automatic 89 TC kicking around that they would like to sell. even better yet if they can bring this weekend to Chryslers at Carlisle so I can possibly pick up rather than spend 40$ on shipping also. if I must pay to have it shipped I will. any help appreciated. I don't need a rebuilt unit, this just needs to be usable
  6. front axle shafts are same 89 and 90 2.2L auto trans cars. driver side is a short axle, can also be used on the right as these cars have a jackshaft installed to run an equal length axle setup. do not buy a long shaft. also make sure it has the correct tone rings for the abs on it. if not you will ruin the sensors.
  7. anybody?, nice weather, TC is itching to cruise. would love gone, but can sit on as its QQ historic in NJ now.
  8. anyone looking for automatic cabernet/ bordeaux parts please get in touch with me. parting out a complete car, some stuff is spoken for but 80% will be up for grabs. all parts in NJ, a lot will be shippable.
  9. car has emerged from winter slumber. is still looking for a good home. 6000$ or best offer. may take trade for muscle car project
  10. Got my general historic license plates and registration for my 89 16 valve TC yesterday. No more inspection in the great state of NJ for this car. i didn't think i'd have it until it turned 25years old.
  11. i still have an 89 cabernet 16V 5spd with 60k miles that i posted for sale last year for sale. in Jersey, but probly would make the haul across country without any major problems, if not easily able to be shipped
  12. the tone rings can be removed from the cv axles and used on the new ones if you purchase one that has the incorrect ones. the equal length set up on these cars uses a "jack shaft" or intermediate axles assembly to compensate for the distance between the passenger side short shaft and the cv axle. right and left cv axles are the same. the jack shaft is no longer made by to my knowledge. we did a group by back about 3 years ago because the bearing itself on the jack shaft goes bad so a member cut off the holder and made a holder for a replaceable bearing. i have one of these new units in my daytona. the Jackshaft itself usually doesnt go bad, just the bearing does. any lebaron or daytona possibly sundance,, duster turbo car should have a usuable jack shaft to replace yours wit to retain your equal length axle assembly. i have one, but its going into a project to be complete this weekend or i would sell it to you for cheap. to have your axles rebuilt if you have the correct tone rings on them isnt a bad idea. i have a set at home im going to have done because they are the 16V ones that are impossible to find let alone replace with new.
  13. Car final sale price of 5500$ or best offer, I start listing parts on ebay and will pull them and ship after they are paid for starting OCT 1st. don't plan on storing car for the winter, got large number of bills to pay by oct 18th
  14. no trans is still in my backyard. its been cannabalized for pieces, brackets, speedo sensor
  15. was long gone, they had it 2 months then crushed it. i missed getting the complete low mileage motor because they refused to pull anymore motors at 1130am when they close at 5. the guy bitched they pulled 15 motors already, where was i at 830am?
  16. my 90 had a remote trunk release installed with the clifford alarm system from the dealer. had a fob button for the locks and the trunk. my spirit also has the same set up with a clifford alarm dealer installed
  17. when its all up for sale, it all goes to highest bidder on ebay, i dont sell the parts on the forum anymore when im trying to recoup funds.
  18. so its july 19th, I really want some spare money and room in my yard, i have things i wna buy being held up by this car. im dropping the price to 6k or best offer. runs and drives, needs a new home. extremely motivated to sell this car. if not, next thing if nothing else i will be extremely motivated to part out and make a good deal of my asking price back in the sale of parts. i have only parted 4 of these cars already, seems fitting i make it the even 5 ive owned unless somebody really wants it.
  19. oil pump block off plate on the front of motor would equal non commonblock early motor fuel pump block off plate, brain was going toward its under the oil filter, typed oil instead of fuel
  20. yes but you need to check whether is early 89 or late 89. could be common block or noncommon block in the TC. i think they use different gaskets. dont quote me tho. call Rick Diego or Fwdperformance and get the head gasket from them, you will more satisfied with correct parts than autoparts stores
  21. there are many little bulbs on the inside, i think they are all 194s like license plate lights
  22. finding the belt your best bet call Rick diego and rdiperformance.com and order one from him. autoparts store will never find the correct one for you for DOHC
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