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  1. wow 100 for a crummy umbrella, well if i decide to keep it and make it show car I might buy it. if not, i wont need anything in it. hmm hard choices, well the only thing i really like is the motor.
  2. Dont think that i still might not canabalize it and make a Masi Z daytona car. right now its on the fence. I think its neat, I wont say whether or not its a keeper until i drive it and see how it is, Im a big G-body fan over any turbo chrysler products.
  3. I have a 89 DOHC TC and looking for a few parts to complete this car. looking for a center console cover( leather wrapped pad), some exterior stainless door trim that gooes along the center of the door half way down, a decent driveside floor mat, a driver side seat plastic cover for the metal thingy that holds the seat up and a new window squeeegee and chrome trim that goes up against the glass for the driver side. Im not looking for new, but used and in good shape would be appreciated. Anybody with a tool kit and the umbrella please contact me also. Thanks
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