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  1. Bad speedo sensor? Or the gear in the trans the sensor reads
  2. Anybody have an interest in a used flywheel from a 16v? Has been sitting outside about 4 years, sure it would take a resurfacing. No use for it, may trash it if nobody wants it. Would take 40$ for it shipped
  3. I have an 89- 110k mile cluster and a 90- 155k mile airbag light cluster. The 90 i know the odometer does not work. The 89 i believe does but i have no way to test it. Both good for parts. Would take 30$ shipped for either one
  4. recent events and new plans and future are forcing to make this sale as fast as possible. i am willing to cut my nose to spite my face and if somebody can come with 4500$ this car is all theirs. runs and drives, can be driven home im pretty sure at least a few hundred miles. i wouldn't advise any drives to california or florida as ive never taken the car that far myself.
  5. Set of 16V intercooled badges off the 90 i parted out many years ago. In nice shape. Asking 50$ shipped for them.
  6. could be dirty injector, if it goes away its nothing serious. i had a similar condition with mine after sitting a long time and very old gas but like you said it goes away.
  7. Il agree, not like the 89 older or the 90 newer style liners ive seen
  8. I had safelite swap windshields for me because i wanted an original in that was loose and the car had an aftermarket one in it.
  9. I have one kicking around tht i dont kbow if its good or bad but if somebody wants it for cost of shipping it hey can have it
  10. Contractor desolve it solvent- trade name. Its non toxic, wont harm paint, cheap and has a billion uses. Smells like oranges. I take spray paint off, glue, double sides tape adhesive, one moulding adhesive off, silicone, grease, etc
  11. Sure i have one if you want to replace it yourself
  12. The new fel pros are apparently not bad. Most TCs are running stock boost and its more than adequate. If you want piece of mind by a cometic and never do one again as its reusuable
  13. Good vacuum is between 16-20. Boost maybe 12psi
  14. 180 is a better tstat to run in a turbo car. These cars radiators arent the best for cooling to start
  15. came from my 90 16V car that I parted out. I removed everything wiring and this is all that's left 50$ shipped
  16. ive always tapped into the brake boost line for boost gauge installs. as the tc does not have a brake booster, it does not work. you could t-into any of the larger vacuum hoses on the bottom of the intake for a vacuum source, the boost gauge only needs a tiny vacuum line. I know this because on my Daytona install, I used t-d into a vacuum line from there to run my brake booster in the Daytona that had a 16V masi motor in it.
  17. Category: Domestic Status: Clean Title I have a 1989 Chrysler TC by Maserati for sale, in USA - New Jersey. Mileage: 60000 miles Engine Size: 2.2L 16 Valve Asking price is $6000 Date: 17th August 2014 Username: Xtrempickup Full Name:Tom Kordosky City, State, Zip: Garfield, NJ 07026 Contact: pm, post or email kordoskyt@gmail.com Selling or Wanted Price: 6000$ or best offer looking to sell my 1989 TC Maserati 16 Valve turbo 5-speed.. My TC is 95% rust free, see photo of the rust, 60k miles but odometer stopped and I have maybe driven 500 miles in the 9 years ive owned it it was at chryslers of carlisle in 2012. in great shape, its more of a drivers car than show quality unless somebody really wants to spend the time to repaint it. Carbernet and ginger with black soft top and has matching hard top. is complete with all items, most are pricey. if I get close to asking price I wil include about 1500$ of performance 16V masi items like cometic gaskets, 16v custom fidanza cam gears, nos timing belt, nos belt tensioner, magnacore wires, nos license plate frame for front bumper, hard top cart for top when removed, extra soft top pull down assembly, and I have lining for the hood that needs to be cut and applied, etc. pictures were taken on august 17th 2014 only rust on whole car and its on both sides in the same location. I checked it out today, its solid, not soft. the whole underbody looks like it was rhino lined, the coating on it is very hard and has kept the car from rusting, its been in NJ 9 years, originally came from Illinois
  18. An automatic tc is rated for a detuned 160hp by the automatic smec. Adding a manual boost controller and either getting a recal computer or a manual tran smec out of shelby z, will get you more out of it but safely is the question without blowing it up.
  19. I have a set of these needing a rebooting. i can have them done locally for 60$ each or i can let them go and someone can have them done themself. also have the intermediate axle with block hanger. bearing has no play, car that came from had 155k miles on it. axles had 60k on them but the boots has just fallen apart after sitting so long. would like to get 125$ unrebuilt for the axles plus shipping, 75$ for the intermediate axle plus shipping.
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