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  1. Should have the larger diameter sway bar I'm almost certain
  2. No, just the motor, the trans is too leisurely, I picked up a nice 520 this weekend with a 3.50 final drive and a nice flywheel to use. I have the rest. I already checked into a cal for my socketed board in the Z. With some fab work to the stock exhaust manifold and hybrid lines that motor is gonna have fun with the t2 turbo i have sitting.
  3. I don't pay eBay for anything, my turbo z needs a fun new 16v motor.
  4. yup, parts it is gonna be. not parts for me, but parts for somebodys.
  5. muffler isnt going to add any hp. a full 2.5 mandrel bent exhaust with a high flo cat and dynamax or magnaflow round from FWDp might. the who system i had on my masi powered daytona and it sounded nice. i dont think it was over 350$. universal kit.
  6. part out is on the horizon 60K mile motor - 1700$ must be picked up 60k mile 284 trans- 500$ must pick up
  7. anybody? spring bumper 125$ plus shipping for 16V axle cores for rebuild. 75$ plus ship known good 16V jackshaft intermediate axle
  8. I have known good set of shifter cables from a 16V 5 speed 1990 TC i parted out a few years back. NOS they are listed at 500$ each. I have both, they are in good usable condition. you wont find them nearly anyplace or even new. id like 500$ or best offer shipped for the pair. I'm selling my car so i dont expect to need them.
  9. always been a G-body guy, the 84 is getting parted out this summer. the TC has to go. I also have another car not even on the list. The jeep is my daily driver, the 92 is my track car, the 85 is a project that i'm finishing and i have a 91 VW 16V gti that i'm also working on. The Syclone is just rarer than all and worth more and more by the minute as they actually are recognized by the automotive world. the TC i just dont want to make a daily driver out of and i don't want to spend money on it, i have so many new parts even stuff i didnt need like brand new brake system parts just sitting in boxes when rockauto did the big closeout on TC parts. one way or the other its out of my hair this summer, bigger fish to fry.
  10. ok, car has to go, i don't have the space for it anymore. i have other cars that need work space and attention. accepting offers, if somebody throws me a fair offer by end of april i'll include all the performance RDI parts i have and manuals, hard top carrier, spare rim, extra hard top pull down assembly, the list goes on and on. will sell that all separately if somebody doesnt want any of it. i'm thinning my fleet down by 3 cars and this is on the chopping block one way or another, in pieces or whole
  11. pictures and whether they have center caps or not would be information that is appreciated
  12. bump for the spring. need to sell this car. willing to make somebody deal. runs, drives, no issues that would keep you from driving it daily, i've driven it numerous times this winter because i had my daily driver go down. really just need to space on my classic insurance for another collector car.
  13. 543 5spd transmissions are most readily out of daytona, not as many 5spd 3.0 lebarons out there. not that there are too many out there. you are going to need the cables, shifter assembly, pedal set, and you would end up needing a bobble strut bracket welded to your k-frame for the 5spd bobble strut on the rear of the trans as an automatic i'm pretty does not have one on 4cyl, i'm gonna assume the A604 does not either because it does not experience the jerking motion a 5 spd can. daytona/ lebaron cables are the only ones that are the proper length from a 523/543/568 manual transmission.
  14. in great shape, no staind or anything, might have a few ends folded as i actually maintain my car and the manual is sorta integral for that with a 16V. if you are a book collector then you probly wouldn't want it condition wise, but then you probly shouldnt own a TC either, just my 2 cents
  15. Had safelite do mine no issues im sure this guy never saw a TC in his life either
  16. i looked online, im pricing it below what you can purchase one on ebay for. 45$ shipped if anybody wants it.
  17. i had a 90 TC with a clifford alarm system with remote door locks and trunk opening capability. was a dealer installed unit
  18. i dont remember the valve covering having red lettering factory. somebody may have done that one their own and you saw it. im pretty sure the lettering is bare unpainted and the cover is black wrinkle
  19. i feel the 16V has a lot more power by just the seat of the pants feel. i was driving mine yesterday and for the 200hp rating, the car is strong and it comes on fast. the 8V does not have that same feel. i have mine for sale in NJ and it has 61k miles and is daily driven and i'm willing to take less money than TX wants. 89 Cabernet ginger black top 16V 5spd.
  20. cap and rotor can be replace by reaching in on either side behind the intake. long screw driver will be needed to undo the cap. the back switch is on the top of the trans and should be a 2 prong looking screw in. hard to miss.
  21. of course you will probly not find many. most of them will see the TC and jack up their rate
  22. Looks like probly 3k-6k$ worth of repairs by any shop if they can even source the parts and the frame isnt bent. Im assuming its a 89 automatic car. Its worth money to part out but there is collector car value for a car in various conditions. Im assuming if they arent covering it she was at fault?
  23. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Engine-2-2-4-Cylinder-Turbo-89-Chrysler-Maserati-TC-OEM-/321407846668?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item4ad566890c&vxp=mtr http://www.ebay.com/itm/Engine-2-2-16-Valve-DOHC-89-Chrysler-Maserati-TC-Red-OEM-/321572570730?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item4adf38066a&vxp=mtr one 8v and one 16v. lots of nice parts also for sale. none of which is mine, but saw some rare ones
  24. didnt see that the speedo does function. something is binding or not free in the odometer
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