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  1. I have mine for sale and its on the road needing a lot less and nobody wants to even give me close to the 4k I'm asking for my 89 16v with 60k miles.
  2. That was my 90 16v White black black Cali emissions car Motor he's building
  3. No thanks at this point I'm putting the 16v Motor in the turbo z because I can't find a commonblock T2.
  4. Good luck, theres a 32k mile 89 16v in my state for 2250. I've thought of buying it to part out even, I refuse to give mine away regardlessbof what the value of the sales seem to be. Its sad, 5k for mint 90 16v is pretty cheap. Cause that's what I watched one go for
  5. I parted out at least 3-4 of them myself, and theres always ones getting wrecked or totalled by weather phenomenon
  6. I parted out at least 3-4 of them myself, and theres always ones getting wrecked or totalled by weather phenomenon
  7. Yea, theres none available either, I'm searching more for an 89 Shelby T2 Motor and a TC Motor would have a better chance of not being as beat on
  8. Mine are shot at 26 yr old and they look fine but dont cushion and rebound for a comfortable ride anymore. They bang over bumps
  9. The grease dries out, I'm sure you can take it apart and service it, lube it
  10. On East coast, need a known good running auto turbo 8v TC motor. Complete would be preferred but would take shortblock if its been wrapped and stored needing no machine work. Have parts to trade, cash or complete 16v car might trade with cash on top from motor owners end. Hate to part out the 16v because I need a motor to use.
  11. If anybody wants these and wants to make an offer I can bring to Carlisle for pickup on Saturday, Sunday 7/11 and 7/12. Also have a full top pull down assembly I'd take 100$ for
  12. How many miles? What's the asking price whole?
  13. if getting still car out to Carlisle all chrysler nationals would help somebody i would trailer it out since im going to be there anyhows
  14. what are you asking for the 89 bottom end?
  15. Giving them away way under value. Get um while they are cheap. $5411 for a showroom 89 with low miles, 4995$ for a 90 16v which 90s are even less made and its a common block. What the hell happened?
  16. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Chrysler-Other-Convertible-/171803010925?forcerrptr=true&hash=item280041e76d&item=171803010925 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Chrysler-Other-TC-/281708405667?forcerrptr=true&hash=item41972123a3&item=281708405667
  17. buyer backed out on the sale, thought i would give it to him cheaper when he came to pick it up. told him sorry, but for 3600$ i was already giving it away. guess its gonna be around a little longer
  18. Final 2ish hrs of the auction, 3600$ is pretty much the cheapest running 16v car needing minor work out there.
  19. sounds like the intermediate axle bearing is shot. thats the reason you likely have wobble
  20. http://pages.ebay.com/motors/link/?nav=item.view&id=131517515534&alt=webhere is the eBay listing, good luck everybody, no reserve
  21. Will be listed to eBay this week no reserve. Somebody will receive a nice driver quality original 16v car
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