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  1. http://pages.ebay.com/motors/link/?nav=item.view&id=131633157309&alt=web Listing for lot of motor items, price very reasonable
  2. You can get anything you need pretty much still, except bearings for the bottomend. The head gasket is nothing special, you can use a standard felpro 25$ gasket. The intake and exhaust gaskets can be purchased. The intermediate shaft and oil pump are nothing special. The timing belt, well, its not easy to come by. The valve cover gasket and tube seals cab be purchased from turbos unleashed i believe. Rebuilt turbo also available from them.
  3. Remove trim around radio, its a few sscrews and clips into place, then remove screws around radio. Radio slides right out then undo 2 plugs and ground strap and antenna
  4. Regulator is part of the smec engine computer and commonly done in other models is run an external voltage regulator when the stocker goes bad
  5. All listed to ebay. Some of it at discounted prices. All has to go. Do asearch for member xtrempickup to see items for sale
  6. Offers accepted on all parts. Combined shipping also for multiple items if possible. Thanks. All must good, i dont own a TC anymore! ! Woo hooo
  7. Fill on these cars if its an 8v auto is on the compressor itself to do the retrofit
  8. Cometic 16V masi head specific head gasket- 175 Cometic intake manifolds gaskets- 75 Cometic Exhaust Manifold gaskets- 75 Magnacore red 8mm Maserati 16V head special made wire set- 150 TC front License plate Bracket NOS in box- 150 TC soft top pull down assembly complete used- 125 Fidanza 16V group buy adjustable cam gear set- 275 NOS Mopar maserati 16V timing belt Ns1- 150 16V maserati motor specific timing belt tensioner NOS - 100 16v 284 getrag used shifter cable set - 300$
  9. As of the moment it seems my 89 is finally going to a good home. I have a bunch of parts ive acquired as i went along i'm selling. I have parts like cometic head gasket, cometic intake gaskets and cometic exhaust gaskets, 16v findanza group buy cam gear set, NOS mopar timing belt, Magnacore plug wire set specily made for the 16v motor, used hard top pull down assembly, 89 single cut crystal key and i have to look, but probly a few other odds and ends. All the gaskets and the magnacore wires came from when RDi performance was making stuff for the 16v motor. Id like to sell everything as a package deal, the timing belt alone is Ns1 with i think not one left in the country as i got 2 before they went gone.
  10. 89 tc did not use the same strut tower covers as K P G or AA AJ body cars. They TC ones are hard plastic.
  11. find out why you have a check engine light, do the key-on key-off key-on deal and count the blinks or use a scanner and see. Wandering idle could be the tps on the throttle body being dirty even
  12. If you can remove the door lock cylinder most places can read the pins and cut a key. Done this with a few of my fwd chryslers
  13. I removed the 1/4 windows before, theres a few nuts under the cover. I cant remember how many, but it was fairly easy to get it apart, i did not have to take any of the interior apart to get it off
  14. The vented ones are by far a nice upgrade, i saw them on a 89 gtc lebaron recently in the yard, just huge in comparison
  15. Pretty sure ive seen pbody es turbo cars and aa body es cars with solid discs like my TC
  16. Lebaron or Shelby Daytona with solid rotor disc brakes are the same
  17. And ppl would buy that for that much and take a chance. Makes no sense, reason I'm parting out my 89 16v with 60k miles cause nobody wants to pay for a running driving car, they rather hope and pray they got something that's good. I know the condition of my car, I've owned it 10 years
  18. There is money to be made buying and selling cars when there is a large market. The market for obscure cars is far smaller and can be a lot harder to sell one. I'd buy and sell 4x4 trucks of any make or model all day because a truck is being sought out by loads of ppl and all their needs are different compared to those few ppl searching for a 25 year old obscure hard to maintain if you don't know anything about them TC
  19. Right now value is in the drink on them, even pristine the car cars aren't bringing more than 5k. A trans if you need the getrag 284, a chrysler depo new unit was 4500$ when last sourced years back. I had one that was tough to find reverse with, it needed a slight adjustment on the cable at the shifter itself. Buying to own and enjoy is what these are right now, will they truly be collectable again like worth real money, don't hold your breath
  20. That timing belt is fun to find, I bought a few of the last ones from mopar years ago, now they are expensive if you can even find one nos.
  21. Take the fuel rail out, you have to undo and move vacuum lines and hoses around. Pain in the ass, ihad to take the radiator out to gain enough access room
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