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  1. you might have to wigge it around a bit the bendix can get hung up on the ring gear
  2. hi folks ive got a 48 linc.that it trys to go into od the lite on the dash lites up when you let off the accel. and as you re accel the lite goes out its got a new wiring harness the relay is good the lock out switch is good the gov. is good ive evan bypassed it and it still wont stay in.ive hade the trans out twice and on the bench it goes in just fine every time the trans work perfect otherwise .ive taken apart the od twice it it all seems good to me. ive rebulit hundreds or transmissions but havent had a problem like this before. the cluster has a bit too much end play but most of the old transmissions ive done do.id did goe in a couple times originaly but you had to really baby the gas pedal to do it
  3. hi folks, i got a kr wilson dist set up fixture from my dad for a v12 linc but i dont have the instructions on how to use it can any one help? thank you.
  4. thanks guys for the quick response!
  5. hi im sure this has been asked many times but i cant find it. how do i contact skip about his water pumps? thak you so much.
  6. jagman


    v12bill,ive repaired a few jaguar clocks and found they mostly just needed a very gentle cleaning and a very small amount of lube . also needed a slight adjustment of the coil/armature distance.i am by no means an authority on clock repair maybe i just got lucky.jagman.
  7. v12bill,ive got a hyd cam from the other engine that looks good but the lifters that were used with it are worn concave. i dont like to use new lifters on a used cam so i might send that one in.do they offer new cams for these engines? i was going to check with egge machine,i have bought a few things from them in the past and they were nice to deal with. thans for the info.jagman.
  8. jwalker,thanks for the help.the block went in to get magnafluxed today. as i move forward with this job i'll post my progress and or questions. thanks again for the help.
  9. hi,my first time here.i've got a v12 engine to rebuild eng# H115449 as far as i can tell that should be a 1941. now,it has solid lifters,i can see wher they tappad the oil feed to the lifters and plugged it. i will put it back to hyds. the rod thejournals are hollow , you can look right threw them.i'm ok with that. the engine i pulled out of the car a ,48 the crank is solid. but that engine was not the original one for the car the block is cracked. i could not find the engine # one that one ,it had a hyd. cam. i just want to make sure i can use the componants together with this eng. and am wondering what year the crank is etc. thanks.
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