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  1. LarryP, I am sorry. $225.00 plus shipping. I am driving from DC to Detroit later this week, and if you live on the way we could arrange to meet to save on the shipping. Feel free to give me a call at 703-304-6745.
  2. I have this antique trunk for sale from Sage's trunk depot. Excellent condition. I am driving from DC - Detroit for the holidays, and if you are interested, we can arrange to meet to save with the cost and hassle of shipping. You won't be disappointed.
  3. I have the following trunk for sale. Outstanding condition. It appears to be painted or pressed fabric or something. I don't know for sure. Just a really nice, really clean piece. Price is $260.00 and I will deliver to Hershey car show. Mike 703-304-6745
  4. I have an antique horse drawn hearse for sale. The piece was fully restored and in near perfect condition. Full of elaborate carvings. Complete hammer cloth on drivers seat. This is a very special piece. $30,000.00 Please email me with all questions and to request pictures. Mike Zaetta 703-304-6745 mzaetta@yahoo.com
  5. Very nice Sage's trunk. Has the diamond tag on the outside and the label on the inside of the top. This trunk is in wonderful shape, and you won't be disappointed. $350.00 It is not leather - it is a very hard paperboard or something, but very sturdy and very solid piece. Measurements are: 32 inches long, 14 inches high, and 14 inches wide. I am located in northern VA. Buyer is responsible for all shipping concerns. Mike 703-304-6745 mzaetta@yahoo.com
  6. Hello everyone, I am looking to buy antique watches and watch cases for horse drawn carriages and coaches. Many times these watch cases were leather and slipped over the dash of the carriage. Other designs were brass and mounted to the toeboard of the carriage. They may have been round, square or rectangular in shape. Just a few of the many names that I look for include Brewster & Co., Studebaker, Healey, Kimball, Flandrau, Mark Cross, Cross, J.B. Brewster, etc.... Also looking for carriage lamps, and just about anything else related to horses & carriages.
  7. Hi everyone, I have the following antiques for sale in case any of you have interest. 1. Large pair of antique carriage lamps. Marked "Standard Lamp Co. Chicago" Oil burning, and 25 inches long. $650.00 2. Antique watch marked "Cross" (I believe that this is Mark Cross) This watch either mounted on the toeboard of a carriage, or the dash of a very early car. Has the mounting bracket, and all the appropiate keys. $300.00 3. Antique collection of military bridle rosettes. Different styles. $40.00 each pair 4. Antique wicker umbrella basket or
  8. Hi everyone, As you are visiting all the swap meets this summer, please contact me if you come across any antique horse and carriage items. I make quick decisions and am very easy to work with. Looking for just about everything related to antique horses, carriages, buggies, wagons, sleighs, hearses, stables, etc..... Some of the items that I am l looking for include carriage or hearse lamps, antique watches and watch cases from carriages, items from companies such as Brewster, Kimball, Cunningham, Studebaker, etc.... Antique stable racks, coaching prints, books, just
  9. This is an outstanding leather trunk from "Sage's Trunk Depot" I collect horse drawn carriages, and initially thought it was for a carriage. The more I inspect it, the more I believe that it was for a car. A wonderful piece in outstanding condition. I can send you all the details that you want.
  10. Curt, i sent you a private message asking you a few things. Not sure it went through. Please let me know if it did not. Mike Zaetta Arlington, VA 703-304-6745
  11. Hello everyone. I collect antique horse drawn carriages and accessories. I bought a pair of very cool and very lanterns, that were sold to me as carriage lamps. They ARE very small, and very cool, but I believe that they may have been interiors lamps on an early automobile. They are marked "Devoursney" (a well respected name in the carriage world). and are factory original. The brackets appear original measure 6.5 inches long all the glass is beveled and measures about 2.5 inches square Does anyone have any thoughts or knowledge where these were used? I also wonder if these were special
  12. Thanks alot for telling me about the watch. The website I am looking at indicates the serial number indicated 1911 - 12 and that is just a little late for the carriage era. I also do not think that gold would be appropiate for a carriage.
  13. I am looking for an antique pocket watch from Studebaker, that might or might not have been made by the South Bend Watch Co. I am going to use the to compliment a horse drawn carriage so I will be cross referencing the serial number to make sure it was from the carriage period. Thanks alot and please send me information on any you have available. I don't come on here alot, so you can call me at 703-304-6745 or email me at mzaetta@yahoo.com I am also interested in any other antique horse drawn carriage items. Thanks alot, Mike
  14. This is a very nice antique watch holder that would mount to the dashboard of an early car. Email or call me with all your questions and concerns. $100.00 Mike 703-304-6745 mzaetta@yahoo.com
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