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  1. Hi folks, just letting you know that I will be listing my 1924 chandler on ebay soon. email trast@chartermi.net for info. thank you.
  2. Hi folks, just a heads up that i will be listing my 1924 chandler on ebay in the next few days or weeks, contact me at trast@chartermi.net, for info thanks
  3. Phil: can you give us some specifics on what the prob is, IE have you done any tests of the system Mena
  4. Well folks You have givin me a lot of info. I agree with rusty that it would make a real gone rod, and I'm not afraid of a challenge. I think I will just hold on to it till I finish up with my 25 chandler. Thanks Mena
  5. Hi Came across a wrecked up 1950 lincoln with a running 337 flatty, is this a good hot rod engine, desirable etc. any info is appreciated. Mena
  6. Hi : been away for awhile. Let me try to restate the problem. When locating the piston at TDC. with both valves closed, on the compression stroke, the timing mark on the camshaft is 180 degrees off. Now if I rotate the crankshaft 1 rotation, the timing marks will align, but the exhaust valve is just closing and the intake is just opening. I have timed many engines in my time, but this is a first for me. By the way, the engine runs fine. I'm gessing its a mismarked gear. thanks for the input though. Mena
  7. Hey folks. Having a little trouble with my 25 chandler 6 cyl. I am setting valve timing. When I align the timing marks on the crank shaft, and cam shaft gears, the #1 piston is at TDC, and the valves are closed. The problem is that it is on the exhaust stroke instead of the compression stroke. I've never seen this before. Can u tell me if his is normal for a chandler. Thanks Mena
  8. will post there too. thanks
  9. i mis spoke. The piston is at TDC but on the exhaust stroke not the compression stroke. does anyone know if that is the way that chandler designed it
  10. help please I am setting the valve timing on my 25 chandler 6 cyl. when I align the timing marks on the two gears, the piston is not at TDC. I have never seen this before is this normal thx Mena
  11. It doesn't take much to plug a radiator. A few loose rust chips from inside of the block can restrict the flow considerably. place you hand on the face of the radiator to fell for cool spots whch would indicate blockages (engine not running of course).I would suggest removing the top hose from he radiator, filling the system with water and starting the engine. If the pump is functioning properly ,you should get a surge of water out of the top hose.
  12. The point is that there is no need for a legal proceding, complex or otherwise. The two partys handled it properly to their mutual satisfaction. (so far)
  13. sounds like the guys at the shop readily admitted to an honest mistake and are willing to make in right. court should be a last resort don't you think.
  14. hi chris: I've had good luck with cobalt drill bits. I found them at my local ACE hardware
  15. I do, but am on the road. when I get home I will post them
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