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  1. these are the real little buicks.
  2. i've noticed that buick does not have a web spot for buick plastic/diecast.ROA does and i was justed intrested in seeing the small buicks.i've been collecting for only five years and there has to be some really neat collections out there.i use my collection as "therapy" to see a car show during the cold months.i've only got a little over 30 in the buick category. let's see what you got.
  3. here's mine here is another shot taken on the video shoot of "heartbreaker's alibi" by rhonda vincent and dolly parton
  4. you might want to try larry daisey of rancho riviera(google rancho riviera)he's got around 40 1st gen rivs(63-65). that parts out
  5. what about tvs in the head rests,jack the car up like a 4x4 with some 26inch rims,velvet zebra interior,neon lighting,oh,i'm sorry,i got carried away.
  6. pretty test,there's a 65 in my area,same color outside with a white interior BUT has those big rims with low profile tires.the rallyes look so much nicer.
  7. i was wondering with all the changes in the roa if the registry book is still being published.thank you very much for adding this forum.i for some reason could never get on the disscussion list.will roa members be attending the buick meeting in nashville,tn.?from mr "wherever you are"riv <img src="" alt="" /> i let dolly drive the car only on clear nights. <img src="" alt="" />
  8. here is a picture of the other car .
  9. yes i do know the owner of the 60 buick.he is david tinsley who lives near me.he's the one who set me up for the video.his car is white,red interior with a very rare console option(which he removed before shooting).he has several cars (about 30) in various of them is a 64 gto black convertible which has been used quite often.his 57 chevy convertible was featured on espn's mother's car show series when they came to nashville.
  10. yes,that is my car.the video is called heartbreaker's alibi by rhonda vincent w/dolly was shot at a house overlooking the eastside of nasville,tn.the video can be seen online at or as well as gac tv(times posted under rhonda's web page there, was all shot in one day.there is another buick in the video,a 1960 LeSabre convertible which was only shot from the top of the seats and up.there's a commercial out from gac with video of my car which was taken from the jack ingram video wherever you the picture you can see the back corner of david's car.
  11. dolly takes the wheel
  12. i imagined about 5 years ago and bought a rough,motor locked,sheep covered front seats with 3 hubcaps that 2 didn't it has 20,000 miles of me driving in it.triple black 65 riv.
  13. i live in the nashville might want to try perfection plating on queens ave. near trinity lane.the caps you might find at coker tires or look at under buick parts.
  14. check with larry daisey of rancho riviera(google rancho riviera)all he works on is 63-65 rivs and has 40 rivs to pull parts from.hope that helps,jeff.
  15. this car is going to be in another video.shot it about 2 weeks ago.has rhonda vincent(bluegrass singer)and dolly.
  16. i personally own a 65 b ut i can't answer your question but i know where to find the answer.try the riviera owners association( larry daisey of rancho riviera.all he works on is 63-65 rivs sells parts(new and used)nice guy.hope that helps.
  17. From the album: Member Galleries

    1965 buick riviera
  18. nice 63,my first restoration was a 63 came in a battleship gray color.painted it black with a black interior.i found the correct year wire hubcaps for it.i can't make out what your hubcaps/wheels the car just as the sun is setting and turn just the parking lights on.then watch the looks on people.
  19. hello,my name is jeff and i drive my favorite car of all time a 65 riv of course.the car can be seen in the video "wherever you are"by jack has the video.the video was shot at an airport south of nashville,tn.i'm riding in the red dodge truck toward the start of the video.for my blurred one second of fame.if you have comcast on demand the video is showing until 2/26/06.