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  1. To order a book it is best to call the Roebling Museum at 609-499-7200 or RoeblingMuseum.org.    The brand new book isn't in their store web catalog yet but will be soon so calling is best.   Closed Mon and Tues.

  2. Ivan, This is a little off topic, but I have often wondered about the difference between the Touring and the Sporting body. I got a chance to measure a sporting at the reunion in 09 and the body behind the cowl is about 3 inches longer on the touring. The doors are a little longer and the rear body is a little longer on the touring to make the room for the jump seats. In the photos notice the spares are tilted on the touring to allow body rear seat room. Maybe this makes up for the weight difference.




  3. For the record this car was not in the Roebling Family. I would love to see some photos posted of the restoration, particularly the heater in question. I agree with ak, I always thought the fenders didn't go with the car as Mercer would still have used the fenders from the Series 5. post-44181-143142142517_thumb.jpg

  4. Alan, The earliest I have is 1953 on a typewritten sheet from Herb. Do you have anything earlier? Thank you Brendan. Morris Burrows owned my car and apparently others too. Thanks for the info. So what cars did the 7 founding members of the SCCA own?

  5. Ron, and anyone else, A book was printed for the 2009 Mercer Centennial Reunion by the Roebling Museum in Roebling, NJ. This book has the most accurate information to date on the Mercer Automobile and was written without regard to the numerous fables and hearsay so many other publications have concerning the Mercer. Look for it at RoeblingMuseum.org or call the museum at 609-499-7200. Karl

  6. Brandon,

    Congratulations! A fantastic car. Don't forget to bring it to the Roebling Museum Annual Car Show July 28th. A great place for Mercers to meet. I'm bringing mine too. FYI - Cars built before 1930 get in for free. Includes museum admission. (Donations accepted)


  7. John,

    I agree that this was up to the manufacturer however the majority of pictures of the no front door cars seem to have body color fenders. Sometime between 1910 - 11 most manufacturers had adopted the front door and black fenders. Why? Does this make the car appear longer? I know there is no right answer, I just thought this was an interesting topic.


  8. I have been looking at old photos lately and have been trying to determine when, or under what criteria, the fenders of a pre 16 car were painted body color. It seems to me that cars with no front doors had body color fenders and those with front doors had black fenders. Anybody have any insight to this styling cue? :rolleyes:

    Open to discussion...

    Black Fenders & Doors,


  9. For those of you interested in the history of the Mercer Automobile Company, check out the book sold by the Roebling Museum that we wrote for the Mercer Centennial Reunion July of '09. This booklet has the most factual accounting of the events surrounding the formation and eventual demise of the company. Written with input from Mr. Kuser and Mr. Hoch, the 25 page book is loaded with information from what was a Roebling side venture. Visit the Museum in Roebling, NJ or call to have a copy sent. RoeblingMuseum.Org 609-499-7200 Despite the plethora of published misinformation we maintain that the Sharp-Arrow was not the predecessor of the Mercer (Raceabout). It is conceivable that the Sharps interacted with the Roeblings and Kusers however there is not a scrap of evidence that they were in any way commercially involved.

    Karl Darby

    Roebling Museum

  10. Also a problem I located and corrected was a trap not just for beginners. The engine seemed to show symptoms simultaneously of being too far advanced, and badly retarded. You can sometimes have to re-grind the magneto breaker point cam segments so the spark advance is identical .

    Ivan, this is an interesting subject. Care to elaborate?


  11. Dave,

    You should get over to the Roebling Museum and get a copy of the Mercer Magic book that the Museum put out for the Reunion. The book has the most historically accurate information on the Mercer Automobile Company. (roeblingmuseum.org) Company records are very limited, most of it was dumped in the 30's. If you have any pictures of Bill, the plant or documents to sell, share or copy please bring them to the Museum and leave them with Pat to my attention. I'll make sure you get your originals back. Thanks, Karl PS. I hope you made it to the reunion, it was a once in a lifetime event.

  12. Mercer Associates,

    The Hilton Head Concours is hosting a special Mercer class for the Oct 31 - Nov 1 Concours for 2009. I spoke with Paul Doerring today and he is very excited about the Mercers coming to Hilton Head. There are special plans for a tour of the old Savannah Track and historic races at the Hutchinson Island Track. Please be sure to apply to the Concours or just plan to attend. Visit their website http://www.hhiconcours.com/ to complete the application. Cars that are "drivers" should also apply for the events, the judges might relax the rules a bit.

    This will be a fun event at a great time of year in Savannah. Send in your application now.

    Karl Darby

  13. Mercer Friends,

    I want to update you on the celebration of the Mercer Centennial this year.

    The reunion in Roebling will be starting Friday July 10, for those who wish to visit the Plumbo Buckley Antique Car Foundation & Museum near Egg Harbour NJ, the shops of Schaeffer & Long in Magnolia, and a visit to the Fred Simeone Foundation Museum in Philadelphia. Transportation will be on your own, Mercers are welcomed. The events in Roebling include the Saturday parade in Roebling and driving event followed by a visit to the Roebling Museum and the Mercer Exhibit in the museum building. Sunday July 12 will be the Mercer Centennial Reunion on the grounds of the Roebling Museum.

    I received an email from the Hilton Head Concours d'Elegance & Motoring Festival to inform us of another part of the Mercer Centennial Reunion in 2009. HHC involves a Concours on Sunday and a vintage race on Friday and Saturday.

    The Concours is opening a special class for the Mercer and it will include those cars that qualify but have not been to other concours shows or gathered any other awards previously. In other words, if your car is good enough you can send in some pictures to Paul Doerring and he may let your car be judged.

    The Historic Sports Races at Hutchinson Island race track offer a parking spot and parade lap and there is a tour of the old Savannah race course. Those into historic racing, gather enough racing Mercers and they will open a real Mercer only race.

    Hilton Head Concours and Motoring Festival runs from October 29 - November 1, 2009. HHC offeres a reduced rate on the all access pass for Mercer owners so we can go to the races and the concours.

    The Mercer Centennial Reunion at Roebling Museum runs from July 10 - 12, 2009. The car show is Sunday July 12.

    See you there.

    Karl Darby

  14. Dear Mercer Associates,

    I am writing a progress report on the activities for the upcoming Mercer Reunion in Roebling, NJ on July 10, 11, 12, 2009. The Reunion will start at the Plumbo Buckley Antique Car Foundation & Museum with host Victor Plumbo. Victor has promised coffee and doughnuts to all who visit with him and his Mercers starting after 10AM. In the afternoon I hope to be able to have an open house at the Simeone Foundation Museum. The details need to be worked out but we would like a kind benefactor to spring for dinner Friday night July 10. Saturday July 11 is the Florence Township Patriotic Day festivities in Roebling NJ. We will be in the parade that runs through Roebling about noon and afterward there will be a local driving tour for all that are interested with fireworks Saturday evening. Sunday will be the Mercer Centennial Reunion and Car Show held at the Roebling Museum featuring the "Mercer Magic" Exhibit in the new museum buildings.

    Trailers will be able to be left on the museum grounds with a 24 hr guard if you want and hotel arrangements have yet to be made.

    Please pass this note to all interested parties and call Mercer owners that do not have email. There will be a mailing in January.

    Please join/visit:


    Karl Darby


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