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  1. Just watched the movie "A man that saved Christmas" , A.C. Gibert, "the man that made Erector sets and American Flyer train" was driving a early 20's DB blue touring. Great Movie to watch!
  2. There is very little difference between the 24 & 25 DB"s. Most everything is interchangable between the two. the running board aprons will fit late 1923 - 1927 cars and light trucks. The same goes for fenders, hoods running boards and drivetrain parts. Doors and body sheet metal parts are only good for 24 & 25.
  3. I have two smith's form-a-truck frames made for Model T's, one still has axle and hubs. Could make interesting project.
  4. Just saw a Nice 1933-35 Dodge Brothers pickup bed going to the crusher this morning. I was in a spot that I couldn't stop him, the tailgate was almost perfect. Just makes me sick to see such a thing, this is nothing to what I have see at the crusher yard lately.
  5. No, I just read it in the Greeley Tribune.
  6. The 1919 Dodge Brothers is now a resident of Colorado. Read the true story, Dec. 25, 2010 Greeley Trib at www.greeleytribune.com
  7. You have a fast four engine
  8. All are located in north eastern Colorado, asking price: 1929 Reo= $4500,00, OBO 1929 GMC- $4500.00, OBO 1925 DB 2 door fischer body sedan- $5500.00, OBO 1926 DB 4 door sedan $5500.00, OBO
  9. I have decided that I can not finish all my projects, so I have decided to list a few of my collection 1929 GMC truck complete with extra fenders an parts truck 1929 Reo Da truck, complete 1925 Dodge Brother 2 door Fischer bodied sedan, complete and running 1926 Dodge Brothers 4 door sedan, complete and running
  10. gboy

    !929 Reo DA

    I have so many projects I can't finish, so I have decided to list a few to see which will sell first. My Reo is a 1929 Da, It is a complete truck. Wood steering wheel has been restored, has all gauges and tags on dash. Engine turns over, have three hubcaps. cab has rust in lower cowel and lower cab. This would be a great restoration project.
  11. There is a guy in Colorado that just bought a 42 wc 1/2 ton, he is going to restore it as it is complete and in very good condition. It has the original seats, I think he would send pictures and dimensions. Ken Kafka (970-834-2416) (nash2ton@thinair.net)
  12. There is no problem putting a 25 engine in a 24, they will interchange.
  13. I have 3 victory sixes, one parts, first picture, one being restored and one that is basicly original, second picture
  14. I have pulled several engines, both 12 volt & 6 volt and they can be pulled without the transmission. To do this, you need to drop the oil pan and the top half front engine mount casting. Also remove tie rod from front axle, remove clutch and brake pedal and remove throw out bearing release fork, much of this is described in service book. Once engine bolts are removed, engine will come out without transmission.
  15. Just aquired a 1935 dodge Brothers 1/2 ton pickup with 20" high clearance wheels. Need a spare 20" high clearance spare wheel and hub capsif anyone has one? Nice complete truck but fenders are rough, did come with prestine ram radiator cap. Have 37 doors which are better condition than originals. another project!
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