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  1. Can anyone shed some logic on why this award and recognition was cancelled after only a couple years? It was my understanding it was to encourage the participation of 100+ year old Buicks at National Meets. A great idea in my opinion. Thx! Signed, Befuddled in Flint
  2. For Sale My new badge thingy Right up there by my name No low ball offers please I know what I have here, well actually, no, I don’t, but I think you need it, well somebody thinks you need it
  3. Flat ground you don’t miss the two that are loafing.
  4. So what’s going on with #s 1 and 2? I’d look from cap to plug and everything in between. Those two are not pulling their weight. On the hill you may only be getting power from the other 4.
  5. Could also be wrong float level or float hung up that don’t allow enough fuel. But again I think the leaness would pop and buck.
  6. My experience with fuel delivery issues is the carburetor opens for the grade but extra fuel is not metered to match due to a restriction somewhere, but here’s the catch, when I’ve experienced this, the resultant lean mixture pops and bucks. Larry is just seeing a lack of power. Also when I had the burned valves, I had difficulties starting. I also had a cracked cap drive me nuts with all sorts of interesting issues based on temperature and humidity. just my 2 cents.
  7. Compression check data? I had 3 burned exhaust valves and experienced something similar.
  8. Said the man who sold me the Duplex tire mount contraption I now own. LOL.
  9. Speaking of round rims. Be careful if you have/ use a rim spreader to get a split rim ends back lining up/together. You can egg shape a good rim very easily. The trick is a slight advance on the spreader and then tap all around the rim with a mallet so the load of the spreader is equalized to the friction of the tube and tire on the rim. Things need to slide and stretch 360 degrees around. A little more spreader, a little more tapping. Be as gentle as you can be. Baking soda or baby powder on the tube is a must. Talc is off the market now.
  10. I have a Duplex like the top pic Hugh posted. I can get it to work on my 1923 Model 45 but to do so it’s at a goofy clocked position. Not straight up and down. If I was going on a safari I could make it work. I did a 1485 mile circle tour of Lake Michigan solo and never had a single issue with anything but brought my rim spreader just in case and just the single spare. I’ve had two flats in 25 years where I’ve had to use the single spare. One was a pinched tube that took a year to fail the other was a year or two ago where I ran over a bolt as long as your pinky. The car started to hop. That darn bolt was so big, it made two holes in the tube one on the tread side going in and another on the other side leaving the tube. Patched the entry hole but couldn’t figure out why it still leaked. Never saw that before.
  11. One of the first issues I had with my 1923 Model 45 25 years ago was throwing the leather fan belt. I was on a rainy tour and the leather belt had stretched and was as slick as well, wet leather. My guess was the belt was older than me. I went into a local auto parts store with the old belt and picked out a modern ‘rubber’ serpentine belt about an inch wide off the wall that was just a tad smaller. Put in on the car with the grooves out, set the tension spring and that was 25+ years and 40,000+ miles ago. No idea the part number as I’ve worn the printing off the smooth side years ago. Don’t be hung up that you can’t find a modern belt as wide as the pulley. The modern inch wide belt is strong enough to be used as a tow strap.
  12. This ‘action’ and the posts regarding it, made my day. Unbelievable.
  13. If you don’t fill all the old holes about half of your new tacks find an old hold and don’t hold.
  14. Look up the DOT date code on the tire to get the real age. Coker tried to sell me tires as ‘new’ but the date code showed they were already 7 years old. Only after I made a public fuss about it online did Coker finally change their position and replaced the tires with current year product.
  15. No 0.035 Thrte is a rather famous study and article by the late Buick expert Dave Chambers proving 0.035 is better in these cars. I agree.
  16. Just FYI on the engine # At some point in 1923 Buick went to the engine number tag on the engine. Earlier 1923s still had the engine number stamped into the aluminum crankcase. It may have happened around the 1 million chassis number as I am just shy of 1M for both of my #s and my engine is stamped. Also while I’m at it, at chassis # 1M Buick moved the rear tail lamp from left of center to centered within the rear spare. This has been well documented.
  17. With the 2021 BCA National Meet Cancelled. This may be an alternative. Note the Buick focus. https://www.aaca.org/images/meet_brochures/2021/2021_Auburn_Brochure.pdf https://aaca.org/Calendar/buickshow.html
  18. Have brushed this stuff on my khakis top twice now and on my boat cover too. The water just beads up. Order it off Amazon.
  19. Yep. Here is a cross section of a similar seal that I used.
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