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  1. Many thanks for all your input. The article is complete and going to press. Gave coverage to Bendix, Lockheed, Steeldraulic, Timkin Hydostatic, and Huck mechanical and hydraulic brakes (Chev to 1950). The person who asked about the address in Detroit of Lockheed's Hydraulic Brake Company, it was 2843 E. Grand Blvd, Detroit, MI
  2. Here is what I have learned so far about early automobile brakes. Still need to know how Wagner Brake company figured into the picture. I assume they manufactured brake parts under licence to Bendix, and acted as a distributor to aftermarket parts to jobbers. LOCKHEED BRAKES In 1901 a young inventor named Malcolm Lougheed (who later changed the spelling of his name to Lockheed) began design work on a four-wheel hydraulic brake system for the automobiles as they begin to appear on the scene. He used a large cylinder and hollow tubes to transmit fluid pressure through in
  3. I am doing a paper on the history of automobile brakes. What I have learned is that three names are involved with early automobile brakes-Wagner-Lockheed-Bendix. Herbert Appleton Wagner formed the Wagner Electric Corp and produced Brake parts thru the Wagner Brake Div. Circ 1920 onward. Malcomb Lockheed patented Hydraulic brakes in 1918 and they appeared, with some changes. on Chrysler, Graham, and other cars from 1924 to the 60's. Vincent Bendix developed four-wheel mechanical brakes about 1923 and sold them to GM, Willys, and others, up to about 1934. About 1935 onward Bendi
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