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  1. Thanks 55er. The more diligence I do on this car prior to purchase, the more I get convinced that this might just be the right one for my next project.
  2. I'm hoping that someone here can help with an Olds cowl tag. This is on a 54 98 Hardtop. Judging by some markings on the frame, it's a very early build likely August of 53. I found that it looks to be an original red and white car, but I can't find any information on the interior trim code 97.
  3. Certainly not trying to point fingers either ... just wanted to show that all of the events are listed in one spot. Having tried to design websites for B2B sales and technical information, it's really an impossible task to figure out how everyone wants to see or find information.
  4. 21-23 - AACA Winter Meet - Kingdom of the Sun Regions - Ocala, FL. website: http://2019aacawintermeet.org meet brochure The above information is in the calendar on the AACA home page.
  5. Car related ... I'm starting to look for signs and advertising to decorate my shop space. Non car related ... How about antique fountain pens. This is a collection of Waterman hard rubber ripple pens called the #7 series. Each nib was for a different writing style. The gimmick was 7 points ... $7. Over the years there were actually 9 colors offered. I have 8 of the 9. These are from the 20s. And yes I do write with some of them.
  6. Here are two of my 70 Monte Carlo SS454. One is a shot that I submitted this year and the other is a more "artistic" shot that I just love.
  7. When I ordered my trailer, I asked for 4' barn style doors for the escape door. This opens the whole area above the wheel wells and accommodates all of my cars very well. I made the mistake of not specifying the floor height to make sure that the car doors cleared the escape door frame. I fixed the problem the same way that bhigdog did, with 2 2x12 planks laid the length of the floor. I put two for each wheel because the track width of the Fords is much narrower than the Chevys. The trailer manufacturer should be able to raise the floor for you by using an 8" I-beam frame instead of the standa
  8. Since I started showing in more AACA shows in 2004, I have yet to stop at a weigh station with my trailer. I'm pulling a 24' tag with an F350 dually and I don't have any USDOT numbers on my truck or a CDL. I passed many weigh stations and haven't been pulled over for not stopping. My understanding is that the CDL is for commercial purposes. The horse trailers and tow vehicles are likely required to have the USDOT numbers and such because the horses are routinely sold, showing that the farm is a business.
  9. I'm 30 and I started in the hobby by building a modified muscle car. After that build process, I realized that there is more of a challenge in doing a correct restoration rather than a hot rod. This led me to purchasing another muscle car to perform that correct restoration. The longer that I'm in the hobby, the more I'm drawn to earlier vehicles. I have to admit that I don't have the desire to own a brass T or Curved Dash Olds, but I really enjoy watching these vehicles enter the show field and think about how far the automotive industry has come in 100+ years. Unfortunately, I think that I a
  10. I remember seeing some 59 and 60 Cadillac cars with what I'd call a bright green carpet. After doing some comparisons with a NOS piece of carpet from a 1963 Ford, it appears that this bright green is the same color that Ford used. Can someone tell me the name of the color and a source for the carpet? I need to buy some to redo the carpet in my 63 Ford. Thanks
  11. Bonnie and I are heading out on Thursday. It will be a whirlwind trip because we need to be back in PA by Sunday night. Cody is a Sr. this year and she won't miss his last first day of school.
  12. Thanks for the reminder, Steve. I'll have mine in this weekend before I leave for Moline!
  13. Alex, I have a 1973 Ford LTD that is unrestored, purchased new by my Grandfather. I'm about an hour west of Philadelphia. Feel free to drop me an email at iceman5@ptd.net if you are interested in my car for your story.
  14. I've watched this thread develop for awhile and see some interesting points on both sides. For quite some time I was very much in favor of eliminating the 10 point rule because I have been on the "losing" end of the spread several times. One thing that I've learned through that process is how to take my restoration techniques to a higher level. I know that I'll step on a few toes with this statement but I think that saying that you can't compete against the high dollar restorations is a cop-out. None of the cars in our toybox are the recipients of a high dollar restoration. The only part of t
  15. I'm a product development manager for a small-pitched timing belt company. Those of you that print with ink jet printers or use ATM's and self-checkout machines see products that I've developed everyday.
  16. Steve, I'm planning on just coming up to Macungie on Saturday to look around. I wanted to get to the Soda Jerk but we were taking Cody on a college visit to Lehigh University and just didn't get back in time to make it.
  17. Just take 1250/12 to convert from lb-in to lb-ft ... ie 104.167. I'm sure that 104 will be just fine.
  18. I don't think that West could have chosen a better cover shot for the magazine. Boy if I could afford that car it would have a place of honor in my garage!
  19. Bonnie and I will be attending the Moline show and we live very close to Hershey. I don't know exactly where the vise is located relative to Moline but we could bring it back if we could meet up with the vise owner somewhere.
  20. 1970-1972 Monte Carlo's used the stamped metal plate.
  21. Now I have what I'm sure will seem like a dumb question, but forgive a 30 year old who wasn't around when cars of the 30's were built. Can you see the body wood when everything is assembled? I was over at a friend's in Oregon last week who has early 30's Chevy's and I could see the body wood but his cars were disassembled. I did find pictures of 32 Pontiac's and I agree that they are neat looking cars. I find that in this hobby I am beginning to be drawn to earlier cars. I'll post pictures if they decide to buy it.
  22. You know Wayne ... I didn't think about that. My gut tells me there wouldn't be a problem since the fuel would flow through the pump if it were running. My only other thought is how efficiently would the Holley pump suck the fuel from the tank through the in-tank pump? I'll ask around and see if I can get an answer.
  23. My parents are considering purchasing a 1932 Pontiac Roadster. We've always been into post-war cars and this is my first experience with investigating a pre-war car. Is there any specific areas that should be investigated more closely due to lack of parts availability? Any other online resources would be especially helpful as well. Thanks for your help.
  24. I would suspect that you would need a regulator, assuming that the Caprice recieving the engine was originally equipped with a fuel injected engine. A mechanical fuel pump supplies fuel at about 5-8 psi while fuel injectors tend to need a much higher pressure. One other option would be to disconnect the in-tank pump and mount a Holley Red electric fuel pump near the tank. I use this set up on my hot-rod 70 Monte with a carb and it works just fine.
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