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  1. Certainly not trying to point fingers either ... just wanted to show that all of the events are listed in one spot. Having tried to design websites for B2B sales and technical information, it's really an impossible task to figure out how everyone wants to see or find information.
  2. 21-23 - AACA Winter Meet - Kingdom of the Sun Regions - Ocala, FL. website: http://2019aacawintermeet.org meet brochure The above information is in the calendar on the AACA home page.
  3. Car related ... I'm starting to look for signs and advertising to decorate my shop space. Non car related ... How about antique fountain pens. This is a collection of Waterman hard rubber ripple pens called the #7 series. Each nib was for a different writing style. The gimmick was 7 points ... $7. Over the years there were actually 9 colors offered. I have 8 of the 9. These are from the 20s. And yes I do write with some of them.
  4. Here are two of my 70 Monte Carlo SS454. One is a shot that I submitted this year and the other is a more "artistic" shot that I just love.
  5. When I ordered my trailer, I asked for 4' barn style doors for the escape door. This opens the whole area above the wheel wells and accommodates all of my cars very well. I made the mistake of not specifying the floor height to make sure that the car doors cleared the escape door frame. I fixed the problem the same way that bhigdog did, with 2 2x12 planks laid the length of the floor. I put two for each wheel because the track width of the Fords is much narrower than the Chevys. The trailer manufacturer should be able to raise the floor for you by using an 8" I-beam frame instead of the standa
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