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  1. I wonder if the Hollander is taking the difference in side trim into account with the interchange. And don't wish you stayed out of this. You've provided great information already. I have experience in 60s and 70s cars, but this is my first experience in 50s cars so I'll be asking quite a few questions about what is correct. I've always wanted a mid50s Oldsmobile so now the journey can begin.
  2. Well, pulled the trigger on Friday so this one will be saved. I can't wait to dig into it but I promised the wife that I'd get the 2 Fords gone through first. So only research between now and spring. I'm a little surprised that the car was for sale for a few years. It's a solid starting point for a restoration. I know that project cars are a little soft but I looked at a few drivers that weren't as good of a starting point. What's the difference between the sedan and coupe fenders? Thanks for that gem because I would have certainly messed that up.
  3. Paul ... I don't know what I was thinking about dates. The frame is dated August of 54. Somewhere in my brain I processed that as August 53, which couldn't be right because of the fire that you mentioned and the later release of the 54s. This car was in VA in the 80s based on some parking stickers in the windows. It moved to MD at some point then to Johnstown PA. It's now outside of Gettysburg. Someone started a 50s custom at some point. The hood letters, globe and rocket have been removed and the holes filled, the holiday fender script was filled, and the gas door closed off. The headlights were also frenched. That's as far as they got. The hood looks to be an easy return to stock as I can see the holes from the underside. The same with the fenders. The gas door will be a little harder because they just took tin snips to the inner quarter panel to get access to the filler neck. Not impossible to fix ... just a little more difficult. I won't know more about returning the headlights to stock until I dig into it more ... assuming we agree on a price. I don't know if the interior picture here gives you a clue to the electric vs. hydro-electric windows. My suspicion is that they are electric. When I went to look at the car it had been sitting for awhile and the windows were still completely up. For as long as this car has been off the road, I would have suspected that the windows may have sagged slightly due to pressure changes in the hydraulic system. Only a guess. If the deal goes through, consider yourself invited to come see the car and it's progress. I'm sure that I'll need some expertise along the way.
  4. Thanks 55er. The more diligence I do on this car prior to purchase, the more I get convinced that this might just be the right one for my next project.
  5. I'm hoping that someone here can help with an Olds cowl tag. This is on a 54 98 Hardtop. Judging by some markings on the frame, it's a very early build likely August of 53. I found that it looks to be an original red and white car, but I can't find any information on the interior trim code 97.
  6. Certainly not trying to point fingers either ... just wanted to show that all of the events are listed in one spot. Having tried to design websites for B2B sales and technical information, it's really an impossible task to figure out how everyone wants to see or find information.
  7. 21-23 - AACA Winter Meet - Kingdom of the Sun Regions - Ocala, FL. website: http://2019aacawintermeet.org meet brochure The above information is in the calendar on the AACA home page.
  8. I'll be in the Hershey Region registration tent on the Chocolate field when the tent is open. Come on over and introduce yourself!
  9. We had 460 last year so the number right now is down a little but certainly still manageable.
  10. Car related ... I'm starting to look for signs and advertising to decorate my shop space. Non car related ... How about antique fountain pens. This is a collection of Waterman hard rubber ripple pens called the #7 series. Each nib was for a different writing style. The gimmick was 7 points ... $7. Over the years there were actually 9 colors offered. I have 8 of the 9. These are from the 20s. And yes I do write with some of them.
  11. Hi Joe ... your registration is all sorted. I won't be sending out parking passes until next week.
  12. Just a reminder that there is only one week left to register to judge at Hershey! The meet is quickly approaching!
  13. CarFreak ... If you run into a problem getting the belt, drop me an email at stan.kulikowski9@gmail.com. The company that makes those belts is close to me and I might be able to help you out. I have worked for them twice in my career and have some contacts.
  14. Most alignment shops today don't understand that there are different alignment specifications for radial versus bias ply tires. The toe and caster specifications are different for radial versus bias tires. If you get an alignment done, you need to make sure that you have the alignment specifications from a factory shop manual and not one with updates for radial tires. When we purchased our 66 Galaxie it was a 55k mile car with radial tires. The first thing I did was put the correct bias tires on the car. It wandered all over the road with the radials but drives straight as an arrow with the bias. The front end is set to the factory shop manual specifications, not what was recorded at the alignment shop.
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