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  1. I have had one of these for years and cannot find any info about the engines. Mine has the manual oil feed to the tappets, required every 100 miles. Can anybody advise of any publications or sources of info please? Thank you
  2. I have one from which a copy could be made
  3. That Jalopy build is fantastic. I am planning one based on a 1920 Nash, since I have no body.
  4. I have a 1918 Nash without a body and would be interested to see what may be available out there.
  5. I have a 1918 Nash 6 Cyl. To improve braking for modern traffic I am considering installing a transmission brake which will be worked from the footbrake s. Has anybody done this, have an idea etc. Thank you
  6. Do you have contact details about the company that makes the overdrive units please?
  7. I wish to improve the braking abilities but retain the look on a 1918 Nash with rear contacting brakes only. I belive such a task is possible to hide within the confines of the existing brake drum and I wonder if anybody has doone such a change or know of such an improvement.
  8. I am looking to replace the 24" wooden spoked wheels with metal spoked wheels of similair appearance. I have seen such items which have been manufactured recently. Does anybody know who can do this?
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