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  1. Sorry I dont have any picture of the car. Dont know where its from. (Vilken bana alltså) Den står uppe i Norge. The car is in Norway. Thanks Kristoffer
  2. Oki Thanks for the info. U have to excuse my bad english. So its not a rare car? What are the prices of these cars today? This car was sold new here in sweden 1960. But its a object, because its build as a startcar for harness racing, if U understand. The car was build for harness racing in the middle of the -60s. So its pretty cool. But it could be a good original object. Thanks Kristoffer
  3. Hi My name is Kristoffer. I have found a 1960 Chrysler Widsor 4-door Sedan. I would like to have some information of these cars. Hiw many where build? Is it a rare car? Thanks Kristoffer
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