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    Well my dash will come on when I start the car or it won't, It will go out while driving or it will come on while driving. Guess I got a bad connection. Will take it apart and look and see. But it does come on and go off. Just keeps me on my toes.
  2. inthespot


    I thought that might be what was meant by IPC, just not sure, thought it could be something else. I will tackle it tomorrow morning and see where I stand. If it is getting connection and nothing happens, then it is replacement time. I have had no problems what so ever before. Just started the car and bam no nothing. When I push the test button all the lights light up so I thought well it is not bad or the light would not light up. But guess that is not all there is to know about them. Thanks,
  3. inthespot


    Thanks, I think I will start the checking process before I start the replacement process ($$) But just where is the IPC located so I can check the connection. I have a manual but know you guys would be faster that the manual. The way it is put together at times confuses me, well most of the time actually. Thanks again
  4. inthespot


    Just a small problem. I went to get gas tonight and when I started my Reatta "90 I noticed that my dash went to "00" and "error" and that is all but I have a light on that said "electrical problem" Well with nothing on the dash, I figured as much. Any suggestions??
  5. Did not have a car to enter, just wanted to go on the tours. I planned on bringing my friend Dave with me. Dave works for me and we had a nice time in Lansing, but he is not a member. You are correct the March issue has the form on the cover sheet. I will not sign up for any of the tours because I would not want to go and just leave him. Thanks for the heads up on the registration form
  6. Question, I am correct in thinking that the Buick meet is July 16-20th? Where do we get the info on everything that is going on and how do we sign up for the tours and all the other things that will happen? I did make reservations but don't remember getting anything or did I miss where to request this info. I am lost as usual but know the time is getting nearer....
  7. My vote is get with Barney, I had one go bad so I ordered one for each side as I knew the other one was not far behind. It took about an hour or so to replace both of them. The second one only took half the time as the first one. They both work great now and if I can follow his directions that are included then anyone should be able to. Just my thoughts on the subject. Mike
  8. Well there you have it, guess that is why they put black on some and matching on others. I like the matching best, I think it looks better on my Maui Blue but I also think I would stay with the original as indicated by the codes that came with the car. The same with wheels, I love the chrome 16"s and 18" but just can't make myself stray from those factory ones. Maybe I'll get over that one of those days and get new wheels. There you go.
  9. My blue '90 Reatta was in Crossville and Cookeville on Tuesday and also on Friday but not Saturday. I have TN plates, Putnam County. Sorry I did not run into the other one.
  10. I am going to replace the front struts on my '90 before I go to Mi. I plan on replacing the mounts as well when I do the struts. I am going to wing it and try to do the work myself. I would think that the bushings do not come with the struts and that I need to buy them separate is that correct? Also to give me about the same ride as it had when it was new, what brand should I purchase and what all do I need to get when I do the job. I just do not want to get everything apart and then find that I need to order something else before I can complete the job. Thanks Mike
  11. Just wanted to see if anyone had the second page of the drawing for the Estaver trailer hitch? I will try to email him again but my last email address was Jan 2006 but maybe it has not changes. Thanks By the way, I hope I spelled every thing right, write, rite, wright ??
  12. F14, if you can find it I would be grateful and if not oh well. I don't know what happened to my page #2. I have the email Estaver sent me but no page #2. Thanks for your help mike
  13. Move South, build another garage, get another wife. Not an easy choice I see no way out. That is why I like Nashville, I have a spare bedroom but I also have 2 cars, 2 vans, 1 truck and 3 trailers so that would mean you would have to leave your Reatta at home. See....... like I said, no way out.
  14. Well I have page 1 of 2 but not #2 and I do have a couple pictures. If anyone has the #2 page which shows the cross bar (#1 is the tongue) shoot me a copy via email to "inthespot@comcast.net" Thanks Mike
  15. Give me your email and I will send you the sheet he send me with a couple pictures. Mine is inthespot@comcast.net
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