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  1. Forgot a question- do you have engine and transmission for the car? Have any identifying numbers of engine and chassis, as we try to track cars and have huge amount of history on most Sixteens available. Thanks, Rick Gwinn Marmon Club rgwinn545@gmail.com
  2. This is a super rare car. Are you guys in the Marmon Club? If not- like to hook you up as there are a number of people that have the Sixteens and can give you lots of help with the correct methods of restoration and also assist in locating parts. Lastly- there is one member that is "the expert" on the Sixteen and is always glad top assist a restoration. regards, Rick Gwinn Marmon Club
  3. Hi everyone- I am nearing the end of restoring a 1927 Buick model 27 Standard and gas gauge is located on gas tank in rear. I need gas gauge if anyone has a spare. I have been told that a 1925- 1928 model year gauge will work, as all were located on gas tank. This has been a nuts and bolts restoration, lasting about 4 years. Took SMS wool fabric to shop to re-do seats last week and nearing end- can't wait to drive her! Thanks for any help in locating a gauge, or ideas as to how I may fabricate a replacement. The Buick will be concours quality, so want to make it as near showroom as I can.
  4. Judy- I am restoring a 1927 Buick model 27 Standard sedan and need a few parts . Would you have extra rear bumper, inside door handles, and manifolds? thanks, Rick Gwinn Buick Club member # 45263 richard.gwinn@comcast.net
  5. 1927 Buick model 27 Standard sedan- need rear bumper and brackets to attach bumper. Also need intake and exhaust manifold. email richard.gwinn@comcast.net, or call 843-696-1761 mobile THANKS !!! Richard Gwinn Charleston, S.C. member- Buick Club Marmon Club AACA
  6. oldwizzer- on the '27 Buick standard- would you also have door handles and window cranks? thanks, Rick Gwinn richard.gwinn@comcast.net 843-696-1761 mobile
  7. Guys- I am new at this forum, so please excuse if not done correctly. I have a 1927 Buick Model 27 Standard sedan- and need several things to complete restoration: - intake and exhaust manifold - rear bumper - brackets ( attachments ) for rear bumper. Huge thanks in advance for any help or referrals !! regards, Rick Gwinn Buick Club Marmon Club Chevrolet Club
  8. All- I am restoring a 1927 Buick sedan and have contacted the AACA for help in selecting factory colors. I have NAMES of colors but need to view the actual colors to make a decision on a shade of blue- of which there are many. Where would you be able to see colors for the model year 1927 Buick ? Am a member of the Buick Club ( BCA ). Thanks, Rick Gwinn
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