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  1. Hey Everone, Need some info again. I'm sure someone has removed a flywheel off of a 233 and I need some help. I have a spare engine and I removed the clutch fork, throw-out bearing, pressure plate and clutch disc just fine, but there seems to be a small problem, the bolts that hold on the flywheel are just long enough that the flywheel hits the inside of the bell-housing. The flange end of the crank shaft is about 1/2" from the block (on bottom) not allowing the bolts to be removed from the front of the flange. It looks like there may be room above the crank shaft to lightly tap the bolts out
  2. Hey Everyone, Quick question, once again I can't seem to locate any info, so I'll ask you all. The trim code on my body tag is 246 (paint #425). What all does this number represent? Interior material, color, options, what? I need to know, because I just ordered the interior (from Hampton Coach) all in grey colors. I see a '36 like mine on "e-bay" and it has the tan interior, or does the interior color really matter? Would a '36 in Modern Gray Mettalic come with either interior color? I'll look foward to your answers... Mark Harrison BCA#41906
  3. Hi Everyone, Quick question for some resto help. The speedometer glass on my '36 needs a repaint, anyone know who can do this? Thanks for any info, Mark Harrison BCA#41906
  4. Hi All, I'm half way through my resto and a question has come up that I can't seem to find an answer to. Did all '36 Buicks have a gloss black (or special paint color) dash board, steering column, and garnish mouldings? Or were they the exterior paint colors? Could use some help from the professionals.
  5. I'm a new Buick Club member (#41906) and was wondering if anyone could help. I've got a '36 series 40 with the 233. I finally found not one, but TWO carburetors for it. The extra engine I bought with the car has the automatic choke on it, but was wondering if anyone could help with some small accesories. The carbs are in great shape, but the throttle to accelerator pump rod is rusted bad and pretty weak on one, and missing from the other. So I am looking for that and, the automatic choke rod and screw in piviot ball that is threaded into the choke arm on the carburetor. If someone has these it
  6. I'm a new member to the BCA and was wondering if some of you could help. My wife and I bought a '36 series 40, and I'm having problems with the carburetor (or should I say lack there of). The carb that WAS on it was a Holley 8BA and worked fine for getting her running again, but I rebuilt the Carter 419S that came with it and have not tried it yet (to cold!!) I just bought a Stromberg off of EBAY. It is a EE-1 and it does fit the intake manifold and it does have 1 1/32" bore, but I know it is not the right one for the Buick 233 (casting #20671 middle section of the carburetor). Here's my my qu
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