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  1. I had a quote of $650 from a company with a good reputation. Don't know anything about a kit but it sounds interesting. In my case, I had a broken horn ring and was reluctant to commit to a wheel without first securing a solution to the horn ring. I wound up buying a package of the wheel and ring on ebay.
  2. While I didn't initiate this thread, I found all of the replies most interesting. Thanks for sharing the information. Regards,
  3. It is totally normal for the trunk lid to feel heavy. I'm not sure on the support arm. I'll take a look at mine ('39 coupe) and see if there are any clues. I'm envious.... a 1941 convertible. Have you posted pictures anywhere? Regards.
  4. I'm trying to remove the steering wheel on my 1939 Business Coupe. I have removed the lock nut but I am having trouble finding a wheel puller that will work Any ideas or help would be much appreciated. Also, how so I remove the horn wiring that runs through the steering column; this would make it easier to use the wheel puller. Thanks.
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