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  1. Starting my search for a blue/blue 89 Reatta. Let one go on ebay a while back which looked ok in the pics, but I was leary about the mileage. Will consider any, especially those with a clean interior and of course, with most stuff working, like windows, mirrors, screen, etc. Thanks If it matters, I'm about 20 miles southwest of Pittsburgh.
  2. Hello all. Back driver's side wheel broke off in an incident the other day in a surprise snow after hitting something (wall or rounded curb) I don't know, I wasn't in the car. Not the wheel itself, but the knuckle/spindle behind it. Anyway, I need that knuckle/spindle assembly from the driver's side back wheel. Mr. Finn has right sides laying around, but not lefts, as they are still on mobile cars. Anyone out there have one they can take off and sell me? I have pictures if I'm not decribing myself accurately. Thanks for your time.
  3. Hi, interested, need location, please, maybe some pics? Thanks z
  4. I have a similar noise. I've had several service people listen to it - from a trusted dealer, to a couple guys I know that work on cars for a living. First, I have yet to hear anyone say anything bad about the 3.8 V6, and I support that with my Reatta with 187000 miles, and a Lesabre T Type with 197000. Anyway, my Reatta has a noise, but steering doesn't affect it. Mine is at idle, a little bit of acceleration, then its gone. Many of the above mentioned people have mentioned the counterbalance bearing(s). I'd prefer the harmonic balancer. Mine has been like this for just under a year,
  5. Just to follow-up, I realize I can't mess with it reliably in the cold, but I had the freon converted this past spring, and it did the same thing before and immediately after. I guess resetting the computer by disconneting the power does something, I just don't know what. I tried the defrost thing mentioned by Harry, no Service AC lamp.
  6. Hello again, Have another strange problem I couldn't find anything on in this forum. My 90's A/C does work, although I can't prove that now with 20 degree temps, but in the summer when I want to use it, I hit AUTO and it turns on in AUTO mode and works. After a couple days or maybe even 1 day of use, I'll hit AUTO again, and it will go into ECON mode, and not even turn on. I can correct this by disconnecting the battery and reconnecting it. After that, the above scenario repeats. Obviously this is not normal. Anyone have any ideas? If this was posted already and I missed it, I apologiz
  7. Haven't replaced the fronts since I had my Reatta. Changed the rears to the Napa brand. Would do it again in a heartbeat. I also replaced all 4 tires to 235 60 15s. Now handling is very impressive, and the back end doesn't kick out over bumps in bends.
  8. Thanks to all who replied. I truly value the information. I'll follow up on a couple items. I'm aware of the tempurature/thermostat thing for the TC lockup, as I had fixed that problem with the thermostat on my Lesabre T-Type. While that was the first thing I looked at when it got colder outside, it would still engage once in a while. The last few days (its still only been about 25 for a high) it has engaged nicely. Not sure I understand the relation with the brakes, however, because when I'm going down the highway and I feel the TC should engage, I tap the brake, and it engages. That's
  9. Hello all. First, thanks to all who participate in this forum. I've been on before, and have found parts/answers, or whatever I've needed. 90 Reatta, 175000 miles, daily driver. Love the car enough to put some $$ into it, and recently have. With some routine maintenance (struts, rotors, etc) it has a new lease on life, but a couple problems remain. First, the touque converter does not always go into lock-up mode when it should. Isn't there a pressure switch or something on the trans that controls this? Can't a toggle switch be put on there to manually force it into lock-up? Does any
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