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  1. Just had pull down motor rebuilt but does not work. Was working when returned to me, Power Windows work. 90 TC. Any ideas?
  2. car has been running fine. just winterized etc. parked car last night and this morning all power was off. replaced battery but same result. 90 tc.
  3. sorry again - I see the links. thanks for your help
  4. sorry about the repeat. do you have any information where to find one?
  5. Need Right Front Speed Sensor for TC. Part # 4464013
  6. Need Right Front Speed Sensor for TC. Part # 4464013
  7. Need Right Front Speed Sensor for TC. Part # 4464013
  8. Need Shift selector nob with button
  9. I need the switch (right and left) for the seat control switches on the console. The piece that runs from the switch to the seats.
  10. Really a minor piece - I need the gas cap lever located next to the seat. Just the plastic not the whole mechanism. No rush but if you are out there and can get it let me know. Thanks
  11. Found a spring at my local Aamco shop which was similar. It was in a drawer of misc. stuff. Belonged to something else but was low tension and it worked perfectly. Best of all they gave it to me. This was my final problem in bringing TC back to new condition. Thanks to all for your help. I learned alot and found I could fix most of my problems myself. Andy
  12. Gear shift indicator is not working. After much effort it appears the tension spring used to move the red line (DR,Low,Part) has broken. Cannot find one anywhere. I understand how it works - just need a spring. Any ideas where to find one? Or how to fix it some other way?
  13. I removed the knob from the shifter and two very small black plastic hooks fell out. what are they and how do you put them back?
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