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  1. Take that thought a step further Brian, and consider the instant obsolescense

    of Deane Buick's monogram with its fins and dogleg. Though a generic design,

    hopefully they didn't have too many remaining after the toned-down '61's debut.

    The little car makes it a favorite.


    Larger, seen on a '60 at a 2008 auction, these show up on ebay fairly often.


  2. Just got the January Bugle today, and hat's off to Pete Phillips for another excellent issue.

    Kudos are in order to Brian Laurance for his considerable contributions, too. Scanning one of

    the larger photos, there is a period picture of Wilkie Buick, Philadelphia, PA (courtesy of Brian),

    which immediately drew my attention.

    Next to the large neon BUICK sign over the door, is the deal's name in a unique script.

    It jumped out at me as I have the same "byWilkie," scaled way down as the monogram that

    they affixed to their cars, post-sale.


    I believe this was a junkyard find about 15 years ago, or else an early ebay purchase.

    Nothing earth-shattering, but it's very cool to be able to mate the monogram to its long-

    lost home.

    Thanks again to Pete, Brian and all else who continue to make the Bugle such a fine, eagerly-

    anticipated publication.


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  3. I haven't responded because I can't narrow it down to just 18.

    Here are 33... (I like to think if you're going to dream, or wish, do it big

    West, that's a great list you have there, in fact all the lists are cool. I especially admire

    the single-marque ones, even though I'm more of a generalist.

    As I don't think I could pare it down to 18 either, here's a start for you, just in time for a holiday delivery...


    Larger, '32 Packard Dietrich Coupe Roadster

    Just ask the kids at the Nethercutt to remove the bow prior to shipping. :D


  4. You could try Lewis Jenkins (Jenkins Restorations) in N. Wilkesoro, NC; he's one of the best in the biz,

    and probably has correct material.

    (336) 687-4282

    It won't be inexpensive, but he's a master at blending maintenance and restoration on original cars.

    The Streamliner is a Dreamliner, and I'll add my envy of and happiness for you

    to all the responses you've received. :)


  5. John,

    Thanks for an incredibly detailed thread, especially for naming your contributors/suppliers;

    this has to be one of the most informative discussions on the entire Forum.

    It will be a Go-To manual when we begin our own work on this '34 Eight Coupe Roadster,

    one of the few Standard versions extant, and a true Time Warp car if there ever was one.


    Thanks again, and I can't wait to visit the Citizens Motor Car Company!


    PS, please disregard the incorrect Super 8 caption from this 1951 photo.

  6. The body looks really nice; if the interior's as good, drop a 350 or 305 in it,

    and you'll have an $800-$1,200 car, regardless. I understand about him

    being your baby, but to everyone else, he's just an old 4-door sedan,

    the least collectible of all body styles.

    But then, there are a lot of folks who like 4-door sedans, myself included.

    Best of luck, just don't crush him,


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  7. TG's Recipe For Disaster:

    Take a deserving old car, in this case, a full-blown True Classic.

    Add a vague, but highly-decorative description.

    Throw in a good measure of the goods and bads.

    Whet your guest's appetites, but don't forget to exclude photos.

    Toss out the title and registration, a faux pas at any car connoisseur's table.

    Mix it all together in large boxes and bins, carefully fold in a generous dash of attitude...

    Et voila!

    We're all ready to run screaming from the table. :rolleyes:


    aka Lookey Lewey

  8. Greetings all,

    This page is from MoToR's Annual Show Number, January, 1929,

    and may help in some small way. Quite an array of models were

    offered; too bad the marque is barely remembered these days.


    Larger, click once after opening to enlarge.

    In the '60's, I used to have an old 78 record, very well played, called "Dearie."

    One of the lyrics went like this...

    "Dearie, do you remember when we stayed up all night to get,

    Pittsburgh on a crystal set?

    Keystone movies, Coogan and Chaplin, made you laugh and then cry...

    Test your memory,

    My Dearie, do you recall when Henry Ford

    Couldn't even fix

    A runningboard under a Chandler Six?

    Dearie, life was cheery, in the good old days gone by,

    Do you remember, if you remember,

    Well Dearie, you're much older than I..."

    I think of that song occasionally, as it brings back very warm memories

    of youth. Played that and several other 78's practically to death!

    How delightful that y'all have, and are preserving, Chandler automobiles.


  9. Nordberg of Sweden built many Buicks during the Coachbuilt Era,

    and here are a few more examples from Special Interest Autos'

    early years; SIA #9, Jan-Mar, 1972...


    Larger, click once after opening.

    This '33 Victoria Cabriolet is quite different from Buick's American offerings.



    A lovely 1934 Cabriolet makes fine use of that year's flowing lines.



    12 of these stunning Cabrios were constructed for 1938, six each of sedans and coupes.



    The unique sliding doors exhibited on the '38 Cabrio coupe made opening

    them in tight spaces much easier.

    Modern photos of the '38 can be found at Coachbuild.com


  10. I've been mining a collection of recently-purchased Special Interest Autos

    to add to this growing thread...


    Larger, click once after opening to enlarge.

    This partially-restored '31 Mayfair-bodied Buick was shown circa 1971.



    Van den Plas is credited with this '32; whether it's the Belgian VdP or Paris is unknown.



    A 1933 bodied by Drauz of Germany.



    Glaser of Germany built this pretty '33.



    Henri Chapron of Paris created this lovely 1934 Buick.



    The Belgian concern of D'Iteren Freres bodied this '35.



    This Carlton-bodied '37 Drophead Coupe has been discussed elsewhere.


  11. This isn't preaching to the choir, but I thought you may like to see from whence the Brunn Customs came;

    the 140" whb Buick Series 90 Limited. The 1941 prestige brochure is the largest in my meager collection,

    and the beautiful illustration below of the Model 91F Formal Sedan measures a whopping 14" long...


    Larger, Series 91F with 165hp, 320cid straight eight.


    Larger, the interior of the Limited Formal Sedan; small wonder Cadillac execs were jealous!


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