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  1. Pete, Tell the owner that the front seatback and door panels are an impregnated vinyl that matches the seat upholstery. The cloth on the seats may be good enough to be re-used, but it's usually shot (dried out, discolored, silver threads bad). Nice car to start with. TG
  2. Didn't see this till now. Of course your garage is stupendous(!), but tell me about the Sputnik lamp. Or is it a radio? Great job, TG
  3. Hey Brian, I wondered how long it would take to reveal the secret to the avatar I use. You win the kewpie doll! TG
  4. The '60 Polaras stop me me dead in my tracks anytime I see 'em... Jetsonian Design, indeed! TG
  5. Mick, I see your Dodge Phoenix, and raise you with a '61 Polara, that my buddy Dave's Dad bought new, and Dave still has... Thanks for getting my "Suddenly It's 1957" analogy...I have a beauty of a '57 Roadmaster. When the magazine wags of the day saw the three piece backlights of the '57 GM B-body GM cars, they quipped, "Suddenly It's 1949". But you probably already knew that. (The Roadies had a one piece back glass, shared with Supers and Caddys). Happy New Year! TG Ps, When I hit the Lottery, one of my buys will be a '60 Polara Wagon...
  6. Great stuff Stuart! I'm particularly fond of anything made of copper, as my Mom was from Michigan's Copper Country in the Upper Peninsula. Grampa was a copper miner for a time, too, and I have a lot of it. The GM logos are awesome, and the manuals must be fascinating reads. I just wish I had more automotive items in copper. Very cool, TG
  7. From the album: 1/43rd Scale Models

    Closer to 1/40th scale than 1/43rd, this little promotional "Mercury Dime Bank" was made by Straits Mfg. of Detroit, and reportedly issued in all colors available on the big '40 Mercury 8. This one is Como Blue Poly.

    © Tom Gibson

  8. "The Big Thrill's Buick!", in these AP Wirephotos taken December 7th and 8th, 1956. (There are some Chevrolets, too). Larger, A.P. Wirephoto of the 1957 National Auto Show. Larger, A.P. Wirephoto of the 1957 National Auto Show. TG
  9. Not a commercial per se, but this vid of the 1957 New York Auto Show has always been a favorite. Look for the '57 Roadie Model 76C ! In these AP Wirephotos, "The Big Thrill's Buick!", from December 7th to the 8th, 1956. There are some Chevrolets, too. Larger, A.P. Wirephoto of the 1957 National Auto Show. Larger, A.P. Wirephoto of the 1957 National Auto Show. TG
  10. From the album: TG57Roadmaster's Pics

    The Chevy display at the New York Coliseum, with Buicks in the background.

    © A.P. Wirephoto

  11. From the album: TG57Roadmaster's Pics

    The Buick display at the New York Coliseum

    © A.P. Wirephoto

  12. I like the happy pooch in the OP's video. Hope his name is "Sparky" or something cute! TG
  13. Happy New Year Cort, I don't recall ever making an auto collage as a kid, but I made one in about '95 for the old guy who taught me how to do brake jobs and other mechanical stuff. Everyone called him "Mr. Henry" (Parker, Jr), he never married and lived in a small room in the garage his father started in the late-'30's, which also had a sales lot. It's where our Buicks came from, and I treasured the time spent there as his last, "garage monkey". Previous monkeys included a bank president and federal judge (as young men, of course), so I was in fine company and didn't mind the appellation one bit. Larger For his birthday I assembled this from found objects that meant something to him; his fave car was a '38 DeSoto, he stashed away many old Buicks and liked cigars a lot. After his passing a few years later, I got the collage back. Every time I look at it, I'm brought back to simpler times at "Mr. Henry's World of Buicks". Larger[ TG
  14. From the album: TG57Roadmaster's Pics

    Collage, 1995.

    © Tom Gibson

  15. From the album: TG57Roadmaster's Pics

    An image from 1950 of Mr. Henry's World of Buicks in Anderson, SC.

    © Tom Gibson

  16. Hey there High Desert, not sure what I'd do with '57 Buick "excretra" (sounds kinda nasty), but I'm sure you have great parts. TG
  17. Farther up Packard's "Class of '41" food chain was the 127"whb, 5-passenger Custom Super Eight Darrin Convertible Victoria, at $4,685, f.o.b. Detroit. (A favorite Packard ad, one of the FORTUNE "Golden Ad" series). Note the One-Ten ad's fine print; "Prices subject to change without notice". And change they did. The May-June 1942 issue of the Blue Book shows the 148"whb Custom Super Eight 7-passenger Touring Limousine by LeBaron listing for $5,595. This is what you got when you jumped in with both feet... TG
  18. Gary, Congratulations on your purchase, and welcome to the Forums. If you're looking for information on the cars, contact the AACA Library & Research Center in Hershey, PA. In all likelihood, they'll have brochures, technical information and more on your new "fleet". If you join the AACA, you'll get an hour and a half of free Library research, plus our award-winning monthly magazine, "The Antique Automobile", and access to the Member Roster, which lists owners of similar vehicles. Not a pitch, just a suggestion to get you started. In the meantime, browse these sub-Forums below for individual marques; there's even a High-Wheeler Forum. Happy Motoring, TG
  19. Thanks Tinindian! We were just there, riding the Rhein-Neckar system in Mannheim during the Veterama Show in October. It's based at the Mannheim Hauptbahnhof, on the Rhein River; the Neckar River is on the other side of Mannheim, sourced by the Rhein. Pick up a handy little map there, and ride all over the metropolitan area. The trams are clean, right on time, and a great way to get around. The famous Wasserturm (Water Tower) on the Quadrate, right in the center of town. An aerial view of the Quadrate from the City of Mannheim, Department of Press and Communications. The Wasserturm at night is a sight to behold, especially during the water show... I bet Wowabunga's foot pedal came from one of the vintage trams the Rhein-Neckar system runs! (Okay, an American tram, but one like this). Man, you made my Sunday night...great video! TG
  20. rjones, You've done a lot of homework, but these should answer your questions. They're from the Chevy Crestline book. They called it the Convertible Sports Cabriolet for '28 (see below). The '28 Sports Cabriolet with fixed roof production was included with Convertible Sports Cabriolet. '29 Sports Cabriolet did away with the Convertible moniker (from '28). The '29 Sports Coupe replaced the '28 Sports Cabriolet. No wonder you've been bloody confused...I know I am! The 1933 Red Book info is self-explanatory. Enjoy it. Larger For your files; I took this pic of this '29 Landau Sedan the day the Petersen Museum bought it at auction in Scottsdale in 2008. The number $30,000 comes to mind, but don't hold me to it. Darned cute car! The Oakland had armrests 'cause it was a more expensive, larger car than the Chevy (but you know that). I'm intrigued by the Belgian Buick and will look for more on it later today, but I suspect it's a landau with fixed roof and door frames with folding rear section as you pointed out. Given it's noted in Belgium. I bet it's Euro coachwork...have to get back to you on that. Merry Christmas to you, too! you TG
  21. From the album: TG57Roadmaster's Pics

    One of 300 produced, picture taken the day the Petersen Museum purchased it at auction in Scottsdale, 2008(?).

    © Tom Gibson

  22. Larger To you and yours at the Buick Farm, Lamar, TG
  23. From the album: TG57Roadmaster's Pics

    From a late-1946 Buick mailer pushing factory-approved accessories as holiday gifts.