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  1. It's always a pleasure to see any '61 Dodge at a show, and this Polara sedan was spied at the Fall 2016 Charlotte AutoFair last September. Owned by an acquaintance of Polara61, the young Forward Look enthusiast plans on making the mostly-original sedan even more correct.

    61 Polara Sedan AutoFair 2016 1X.jpg

    61 Polara Sedan AutoFair 2016 2X.jpg

    61 Polara Sedan AutoFair 2016 3X.jpg

    61 Polara Sedan AutoFair 2016 4X.jpg

    61 Polara Sedan AutoFair 2016 5X.jpg

    61 Polara Bro 1.jpg

    61 Polara Emblem3Xx.jpg

    61 Polara PressX.jpg

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  2. Several years ago at Hershey I bought this press photo of a show car done for the 1961 circuit. Thinking ever since that naturally, it was a Polara, turns out it was a Phoenix. The experts at the Forward Look Forum even provided me a color image on a show stand, location unknown. 


    I like '60 Polaras better but the '61 is so funky, I have to admire it.



    61 Phoenix Show Car 1X.jpg

    61 Phoenix Show Car 2AdjC.jpg

  3. Frantz, 


    I'm not aware that anything remains of the AMC complex in Kenosha. It's the blank rectangular void on the Lake in this image,

    but they are building residences there now. 


    Kenosha AMC Plant Now.jpg


    Follow Linc400's advice about the History Center, it's the only thing i saw the last time I was in K-Town (went to high school in Kenosha).

    The streetcar is one of the old types from the end of that era, and should be fun.


    Kenosha Streetcar.jpg


    I believe the AMC headquarters you're talking about is the one on Plymouth Road in Detroit.



    There are a handful of pictures of Kenosha here, but many have's where these two photos came from,

    but not much help otherwise.


    For a memorable meal, go to the legendary Brat Stop (that's Brat as in Bratwurst).




  4. Quote

    Not sure what you would call this, but its from a cigar.

    Hey Hometowner,


    You'd call it a cigar band, and you'd casually toss it next to your Buick Management Meeting cocktail coaster, during your pow-wow at the Flint Industrial Executives Club. As the representative for Folger's Buick, Charlotte, NC, celebrating the FIEC's 40th Anniversary, the subject of your meeting: Reliability Is Your Business.


    Cigar Ring Hometown Buick.JPG


    If you were a thoughtful type, you'd bring the cigar band home to your adolescent son, who would either wear it himself as a ring, or give it to his girlfriend. 


    Ashtrays 1X.jpg


    Ashtrays 2X.jpg


    Sadly, I imagine there's little left to celebrate these days, and wonder if the Flint Industrial Executives Club's building is still standing.



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  5. Did anyone see this rare-in-the-U.S. 1970 Opel Rekord GT? It was for sale on ebay, had original paint and interior, low mileage, but didn't meet the reserve, bid to $6,100. They weren't officially imported, but this one was brought over in '72, as I recall from the listing. I see them in at the Veterama Show in Mannheim, Germany, but never saw one on this side of the Pond.


    What a cool ride to take to an Opel Club meet!



    70 Opel Rekord GT 3.jpg

    70 Opel Rekord GT 4.jpg

    70 Opel Rekord GT 5.jpg

    70 Opel Rekord GT 6.jpg

    70 Opel Rekord GT 6b.jpg

    70 Opel Rekord GT 6d.jpg

    70 Opel Rekord GT 8.jpg

    70 Opel Rekord GT 10a.jpg

    70 Opel Rekord GT 11.jpg

    70 Opel Rekord GT 1a.jpg

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  6. 9 hours ago, helfen said:

    There is no Pontiac engine in a 72. The engine choices are the 250 straight six and the optional 307 Chevy V-8.


    If there's "no Pontiac engine" why do they say the 250 "had its start at Pontiac in 1964?" Hyperbole for corporate engines? Says the 350 was the only V-8 for CA. 

    72 Pontiac Ventura II 2.jpg


    At least they put woodgrain on the dash!


    72 Pontiac Ventura II 1.jpg

    I know brochures aren't gospel, but I've found plenty of mistakes in books by experts, too.



  7. On 5/5/2016 at 5:28 PM, buick man said:

     I would still like to know where he got the seat material as it is close.   The original material had laces of silver thread woven throughout it and reproductions I have seen do not.


     Isn't this Trim 781, Rust Cloth with Ivory Cordaveen that appeared in Roadmasters? It's X 1036 in this fabric sample. The lack of glitter may just be low-res pics. 


    57 Buick Upholstery X.jpg


    Wouldn't RM 75's have Trim 783 Rust Pattern Nylon Cloth with Ivory Leather? I don't have a trim book with RM 75 samples.


    57_factory_order_sheet c.jpg



  8. Eric,


    " I agree with you that things are not consistent enough to be a federal mandate. A number of manufactures did change the serial number system in 1954 or 1955, but not all did. Either there was no legislation or some companies were given time to implement the change.  I will keep hunting. The information I can find online is vague at best. Every site says 1954, but none back that up with data.  If anyone can find an actual rule or mandate I would like to see it."


    I can't answer your question about the rules or law change, but here's hard evidence for the 1954 change, as shown in the "Red Book, Nat'l. Used Car Market Report." Look at the beginning of of the 1954 Buick listing and you'll see the VIN reference, starting 4/1/54, though it's an entirely different animal than the modern VIN. The same info will be found in "N.A.D.A." books, the "Blue Book," etc. 


    Your charge will be to discover the actual law or directive in a government archive, so good luck!



    53 to 54 Buick Numbers RB.jpg

  9. Congratulations Jan, I look forward to the '57 radio spot, for obvious reasons!

    Much success to you and Hometown Buick. Check out Jeff Stork's Buick Town

    on Facebook...he's from a GM family and a retired Buick guy who grew up in Flint

    and runs a great page. Dedicated to original Buicks and full of insight, I think it

    would be a good fit for you. 


    Is there a European show/swap meet that you think is the best for American cars?

    I come to the Veterama Show in Mannheim on some years looking for Mercedes

    parts, but no Buicks.


    Again, best wishes,


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