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  1. The Anderson-Overland Company was built in 1924-25 in Anderson, SC, as an Overland dealership and was later Olds-Cadillac, Buick, AMC, then Datsun/British-Leyland. Designed by local architects Casey and Fant, in 1981 it became storage for a car repair shop, and fortunately its original tri-fold showroom doors survive for the building's future restoration. There are mezzanine level offices, with access by a ramp from the showroom, street level to an unfettered upstairs space with parking for about a dozen cars. Three of us AACA'ers use the building for car storage and
  2. Pick a color, any color, and add a clay tile roof. Plaza Vieja was restored in period colors under the auspices of the Historiador de La Cuidad de La Habana, Dr. Eusebio Leal. For an old building in the Provinces, you can't go wrong with beige with white or blue trim. 😉 TG
  3. It looks like corrugated or flat tin panels framed in wood, with a basket-weave wood fencing above, nothing special. TG
  4. I can't fill in any blanks about how or why the Packard is in the photo, but I can give you a couple of ballpark suggestions on where it came from. At the time of the photo, the Packard Distributor for Cuba was J. Ulloa y Cia., which ran a dealership in La Habana at 3-5 Prado, beside the Hotel Biscuit. If it's his car, Señor Linares could have bought it there, or it may have come as checked baggage on one the many ships that arrived weekly in the various ports around Cuba. Obviously, all automobiles arrived by ship whether they were part of dealer stock or were brought in by priva
  5. A week ago last Sunday, took the Roadmistress to a friend's gathering at her family's 1790 Century Farm, "Boxwood Manor" in Sandy Springs, SC. They have an annual Fall Festival, with food, music, artisans' works and other vendors, plus a small car show. Her son makes the coolest jack o'lanterns from old oil, gas and watering cans. Just in time for Halloween, I couldn't resist getting a couple! TG
  6. "The C-platform was new for 1940 and featured a wider body with no running boards. That platform was used for the Buick Super and Roadmaster for 1940 and 41, the Cadillac Series 62, and the large series Oldsmobile." The C-Body of 1940 was also shared by the Pontiac Torpedo Eight on the 122-inch wheelbase, one of those times (through '41) when a Pontiac would wear the big body. For 1941, an A-Body was shared among all GM lines except Cadillac, that mimicked the wildly popular C-Body design. I'm going to be monitoring your resto progress for tips for some friends in Cub
  7. My '57 Roadmaster Model 73 about 20 years ago on US 301 in eastern NC.
  8. Fabulous! Eventually I'll find out if the building is still there. TG
  9. Given that our '57s were assembled in 8 plants all over the country, with local sourcing, can anyone even prove there was a standard whitewall width? Is there is a company directive specifying both tire brand and ww width?
  10. I'll just throw these Fisher Body Service Bulletins in here since they give the names of the wood body parts. They're undated, but finding additional issues may help. TG
  11. For comparison's sake, here's a '29 Landau Phaeton spied at a West Coast auction in 2004 bought, I believe, by the Peterson Museum. Beautiful cars, in any condition! TG
  12. That's the former Cofer Collection Tucker #34 in Waltz Blue. It lived in Tucker, GA for decades until it was auctioned a few years ago. Mr. Gene Cofer let us use it, his favorite of a large collection, to establish our Main Street Car Show in Anderson, SC, in 2000. Over the years it's been on the street a lot, for parades and promotional events to benefit the hobby. Seen here at the 2000 inaugural show and in our former downtown garage, when Dave Bowman got to drive it a bit during the week it was in Anderson, taking #34 one afternoon to visit residents of a downtown ret
  13. I should have double-checked before, but it should be Mod. 57- 56R rather than 57-53. Like lancemb says, plus with the incorrect title info, tell your dad to run away from this one. TG
  14. Not a parade or July 4th, but the Roadmistress, my '57 Model 73 Riviera Sedan is Red, White and Blue the whole year through. TG
  15. Hi MrEarl, Can a Mod please move this post over to Postwar Buick so we can advise this guy before his dad buys this car? Thanks! TG
  16. The Data Plate on the firewall looks fishy, particularly the clean "rivet" on the left,and the goofy red thing on the right. Also, the right side appears to have been jimmied. This is what a data plate should look like... I would recommend this post be moved to the Postwar Buick Forum here to further sort this out. TG
  17. 5D1023951 5 = Series 50 Super D = 1957 1 = Flint Assembly Plant 023951 = Sequential build number Mod. 57-53 Incorrect...should be 57-76R for Super Coupe Style: 57- 4539 = 2-door Super Coupe Incorrect...should be 57-4537 4539 is Super Sedan Body No: G 11535 = Sequential body number of 2 door coupe Trim: 533 Trim 533 is not listed in my Master Body Parts Manual Paint : C X: C = Dover White (on the bottom below the Sweepspear); X = Sylvan Gray, a nice medium metallic Spring Color intro'd. in March, 1957. ACC: (Acce
  18. Congrats Ben! Aren't the surprises in life the most fun? With the copious pictures and explanations, your 263 "Hop-Up" should pave the way for others to tackle a similar project. Here's a toot from my horn to yours on receiving the Repair/Reconstruction/Technical Writing Award. ? TG
  19. Thanks all for your enthusiastic felicitations! TG
  20. I have no idea why Dad took my picture in a high chair, but it's early-1958 and I'm next to their '56 Mercury Custom 2DRHT. It was their first new car, and the one that took me home from the hospital in suburban L.A. My Cousin David was about three years older than me, standing next to the Mercury, a picture that West Peterson kindly colorized for me many years ago. It was Heath Green and Classic White, a real stunner. TG
  21. I am honored to be the recipient of "The Terry B. Dunham Historical Award," for 2018, the Buick BUGLE's Literary Award, for my article, "The History of Buick on La Isla de Cuba." Presented just last Saturday at the BCA's National Meet in Denver, the award pays homage to legendary Buick historian and author Terry B. Dunham. I met Terry at Hershey about 20 years ago, our only face-to-face meeting, but we communicated about Buick history over the years before his untimely passing in 2012. What a thrill to receive recognition for an unchartered area of Buick history about which Terr
  22. Lucy, This is the interior of an original '40 Special sedan, showing the door, vent and window handles with their ivory plastic inserts. I think it will be difficult to find them, but GM parts were standardized and others will fit. Years ago a friend gave me a shoebox of interior trim, and this is what I have for you. I believe they came from a '40's Cadillac (not sure), but I don't have the round escutcheons that go between the handles and the door panel. Those can always be acquired later. They are the same size and similar in style, all metal, so they wo
  23. Hi Lucy, I see that your friend's '40 Super is shown on the Avenida del Puerto, up by the Plaza de Armas. The only '40 Buick I've seen is this Special sedan on Calle Neptuno, and other places around Centro Habana, but how exciting to see the convertible! The Buick Club of America's magazine, the BUGLE just published extensive coverage of the Buicks I've seen in La Habana, and I would have loved to included your friend's Super. (I've made seven trips to La Habana since August, 2016, and will make my 8th next month.) The data tag like the one circled in kgreen
  24. Lamar, My friend, I am humbled by your kind comments on the June issue of the BUGLE. Credit Editor Pete Phillps for running with the idea, and Graphic Designer Cindy Livingston for making the raw material leap off the pages. Months ago, around the time I sent Pete some of my Havana Buick pictures, Rose Titus had sent Pete her fine "Impressions" story, unsolicited content that every news-starved editor appreciates. David Landow's impressive BHA article on Harold's Casino with the "Silver Dollar Buick" was a serendipitous and timely topic for the Cuba issue, given the island's gambli
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