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  1. 6 hours ago, DLynskey said:

    J542 (I assume) at Callaway Gardens 1975. In this photo it has body color wire wheels, a light colored top and extra driving lights that are not seen on the previous photo. Which version is later?









    J542 was added to the Cofer Collection in 1967, around the time of this image. I later underwent a lengthy restoration that resulted

    in the black top and chromed wheels.


    Image may contain: car


    In the '50's to some point in the '60's it was two-toned with a black top as seen here.




    Same time frame and colors as in this 1957 CCCA Caravan film...




    The film is a pretty cool thing to watch, by the way...





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  2. Image may contain: car


    Great period pic of the 1935 Duenberg SJ J542 Convertible Victoria by Fernandez & Darrin of Paris.

    It's been in the Cofer Collection in Atanta since 1967... http://www.thecofercollection.com/1935-duesenberg-sj.html


    I'm proud to have been allowed to loiter around J542 for more than 25 years, and to have occasionally captured it on camera. 




    This was J542 in an earlier configuration from 1933...



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  3. 22 hours ago, Walt G said:

    I know that although the fender/headlamp issue has been mentioned/written about etc often - to me it eventually "grew" on me , don't care for all of them but do a lot. By 1933 the blending of the lamp into the fender really started to work well as a design feature for art deco styling and did so right up until the end of production. I am guessing but as far as I know P-A gave the customer an option of having the regular bar mounted headlamps similar to other cars , so the person buying the car could choose. I know in England that the fender mounted headlamp was against the law .



    This Pierce-Arrow Club Sedan ad appeared in the June 1931 issue of El Automóvil Americano,

    and wears bracket headlamps, with parking lights borrowed from Studebaker.



    The color ad for American magazines features the fender-mounted headlamps. 





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  4. Need specs for that elusive 1929 Kissel White Eagle Coupe-Roadster you've been chasing?
    The AACA Library & Research Center has scanned their entire collection of the Motor Car Directory
    and the 1904-29 Hand Book of Automobiles, an excellent source for research.
    You can find them here on the Library & Research Center's Facebook page,
    every issue including cars, buses, trucks, and more!
    Happy Hunting!
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  5. The Locomobile was built for the founder of Rexall Drugs and is finished in its original colors of Pacific Coral and Deep Slate Blue-Gray,

    colors very similar to those of Rexall. The owner is a really nice fellow who has garnered multiple club and concours awards with his restoration.






    Locomobile Co. of America - Designed By - Locomobile Custom Department.





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  6. 53 minutes ago, Walt G said:

    OK Al, is that lead car a Locomobile? trying to make it out, seems to have a cape top at the rear and perhaps a dual cowl/second windshield.

    Yes, I am fond of Locomobiles and their dual cowls because they were designed by J. Frank deCausse who I did a biography on about two decades ago.

    Hope to pen a story about the N.Y. City Locomobile dealership on the upper west side of Manhattan soon. The building still exists, and I own the hard cover

    showroom album with huge linen back photographs of all kinds of Locomobiles of the mid to late teens era.



    It certainly has the appearance of a circa-1917 Locomobile Model 48 Type Sportif Victoria.

    I'm sure the owner of this one knows which car is in Al's photo.





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  7. 56 minutes ago, edinmass said:

    Two were built. One survived and is now in Michigan when I saw it twenty years ago. Interesting door hinge and latch set up. Very beefy and very heavy. The wood was causing problems for the weight of the door. They should have made the vertical supports out of steel or bronze, not wood. Last I knew the car was partially disassembled.


    The 1932 Lincoln KB Doublentree Sport Cabriolet by Brunn had doors that opened from either end, as noted by others.

  8. Greetings,


    These are amazing pages with an incredible amount of Peerless info - congrats and thanks for all the hard work!


    It is impossible to keep up with all the library and archival digitzations, so I wonder if you have seen this image from the Philadelphia Free Library's Automotive Collection? The collection has been sold and will be split between the Simeone Foundation in Philadelphia and the AACA Library & Research Center in Hershey - very exciting news!


    The Free Library has digitized a boatload of vintage auto show images, including this one from the 1917 Cleveland Auto Show showing the Peerless stand.

    Though it's quite damaged the important info is there and dead center is a Model 56 Sporting Roadster,  priced at $2,250.



    Cleveland Automobile Show 1917 Peerless. Photographic Prints. Free Library of Philadelphia: Philadelphia, PA. 



    My question pertains to this Peerless photo for sale at the AACA Library's ebay store, labelled "1925 Peerless Silver Eight Phaeton, Factory Photo (Ref. #63622)"

    It's shown in the 1925 New York Auto Show, held that year in the Bronx Armory and part of the Silver Anniversary celebration of the NY Auto Show.




    Given its light color, was this a special car for the New York show? I'm curious because I have another image of what appears to be the same car at the same time frame and don't know its Model or Series number. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    Tom Gibson

  9. So, it's a KA five-passenger Model 531 Convertible Sedan-Phaeton, designed  by LeBaron, built by Lincoln on special order on the 136-inch wheelbase.

    Sources show 75 built, so perhaps the "one of 17" means that many were ordered with dual sidemounts.

    With a $95K reserve, it's going to be collecting dust for some time.




  10. 584864018_39923VMCCAMeet1LRX.thumb.jpg.d4a5ba2cf4082d76eba7e62802afec1e.jpg


    It's very exciting to see the battered 1905 Glidden Trophy out in natural elements at the VMCCA Meet.



    1910 Nathan Lazarnick photo of the Glidden Trophy.

    Even then, it appears that the little silver 1901 Napier, perched atop

    the trophy, representing the car the Gilddens used on their multi-year

    world tour is missing or perhaps just removed for safety's sake.




    Its porcelain enameled finish shows plenty of abuse, and recent images indicate major touch-ups.


    Thanks to the AACA Library & Research Center for bringing that early 16mm color film back to life!



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  11. On 1/1/2019 at 8:41 PM, 61polara said:

    Your switch may have been replaced with an aftermarket switch or is rotated out of position.  Straight up is on, left is off, but unlocked and right is locked on the original switch.


    Close, but straight up is on, left is off and locked, and right is off and unlocked on the original switch.

    I just drove mine two days ago and can confirm.



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  12. 1225446817_AndersonOverlland2LRXT.thumb.jpg.53805a14008015ee0230d499cff4f1a7.jpg

    The Anderson-Overland Company was built in 1924-25 in Anderson, SC, as an Overland dealership and was later Olds-Cadillac, Buick,

    AMC, then Datsun/British-Leyland. Designed by local architects Casey and Fant, in 1981 it became storage for a car repair shop,

    and fortunately its original tri-fold showroom  doors survive for the building's future restoration.


    There are mezzanine level offices, with access by a ramp from the showroom, street level to an unfettered upstairs space with

    parking for about a dozen cars. Three of us AACA'ers use the building for car storage and light repairs.


    The AACA Library & Research Center's 1955 Chevy Bookmobile shared this upstairs space for many years before its 2011 donation.

    Here she is making a Rip Van Winkle-like debut coming down the ramp after years of slumber.



    It's a pretty cool place, and an amazing survivor!


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