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  1. 5D1023951

    5 = Series 50 Super

    D = 1957

    1 = Flint Assembly Plant 

    023951 = Sequential build number


    Mod. 57-53  Incorrect...should be 57-76R for Super Coupe

    Style:  57- 4539 = 2-door Super Coupe  Incorrect...should be 57-4537 4539 is Super Sedan

    Body No:  G 11535 = Sequential body number of 2 door coupe 

    Trim:  533  Trim 533 is not listed in my Master Body Parts Manual

    Paint C X: 

    C = Dover White (on the bottom below the Sweepspear);   

    X = Sylvan Gray, a nice medium metallic Spring Color intro'd. in March, 1957.  

    ACC: (Accessories, or options) B F I:   B = Heater/ Defroster; F = Safety Group; I = EasyEye Tinted Glass


    The Trim number could be mistakenly struck...531 was Black Cloth and Ivory Cordaveen vinyl

    but 1956 533 was Black Nylon fabric with Red Cordaveen vinyl.


    Hope this helps,



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  2. Congrats Ben!


    Aren't the surprises in life the most fun? With the copious pictures and explanations,

    your 263 "Hop-Up" should pave the way for others to tackle a similar project.


    Here's a toot from my horn to yours on receiving the

    Repair/Reconstruction/Technical Writing Award.  ?



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  3. I have no idea why Dad took my picture in a high chair, but it's early-1958 and I'm next to their '56 Mercury Custom 2DRHT.

    It was their first new car, and the one that took me home from the hospital in suburban L.A.




    My Cousin David was about three years older than me, standing next to the Mercury, a picture that West Peterson

    kindly colorized for me many years ago. It was Heath Green and Classic White, a real stunner.





  4. I am honored to be the recipient of "The Terry B. Dunham Historical Award," for 2018, the Buick BUGLE's Literary Award, for my article, "The History of Buick on La Isla de Cuba." Presented just last Saturday at the BCA's National Meet in Denver, the award pays homage to legendary Buick historian and author Terry B. Dunham. I met Terry at Hershey about 20 years ago, our only face-to-face meeting, but we communicated about Buick history over the years before his untimely passing in 2012.


    What a thrill to receive recognition for an unchartered area of Buick history about which Terry would be enthsuiastic, encouraging and proud.


    From the Buick Club's 2012 Tribute...
    "Terry B. Dunham, 72, the founder and a past president of the Buick Heritage Alliance, died on Friday, November 2, 2012. Terry was considered one of the world’s leading experts on the heritage of the Buick automobile, creating an award-winning book, a national enthusiasts’ organization, an innovative website for vintage car owners and major magazine articles."


    2018 BCA Terry B Dunham Literary Award 1X.jpg


    Thanks to the BCA, BUGLE Editor Pete Phillips and Cindy Livingston, Graphic Artist Extraordinaire!



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  5. Lucy,


    This is the interior of an original '40 Special sedan, showing the door, vent and window handles with their ivory plastic inserts. I think it will be difficult to find them, but GM parts were standardized and others will fit.




    Years ago a friend gave me a shoebox of interior trim, and this is what I have for you. I believe they came from a '40's Cadillac (not sure), but I don't have the round escutcheons that go between the handles and the door panel.  Those can always be acquired later. They are the same size and similar in style, all metal, so they won't deteriorate in the sun and weather as the plastic-knobbed originals would. The little spring clips fit in the slots as shown, and you push the handles onto the rounded shaft and the clips lock the handles in place.




    If you want them, send me a PM with an address so I can get these to you before you return to Cuba.

    I look forward to meeting you and your super Super on my next visit!






  6. Hi Lucy,


    I see that your friend's '40 Super is shown on the Avenida del Puerto, up by the Plaza de Armas. The only '40 Buick I've seen is this Special sedan on Calle Neptuno, and other places around Centro Habana, but how exciting to see the convertible! The Buick Club of America's magazine, the BUGLE just published extensive coverage of the Buicks I've seen in La Habana, and I would have loved to included your friend's Super. (I've made seven trips to La Habana since August, 2016, and will make my 8th next month.)




    The data tag like the one circled in kgreen's post above, like the one sean1997 posted would have looked like this originally. It may not be readable, but the "Paint No" (number) is what we need to determine the original paint color.  The top line should read "1940 MOD.  56C."




    I have a box full of old door handles at my garage and will check to see if any of it will work. It may not be specific to '40 Buick, but the GM handles of that period will work. I am not sure if I have any outside handles, but will let you know.


    Below  is a friend's '40 Roadamster convertible for the sake of comparison, with the correct 4-section hood louvers, door handles and trim.  




    And a '40 Super 56C with the 3-section louvers...from an RM/Sotheby's auction.



    I will let you know what door handles and window cranks I find tomorrow, and good luck!


    Tom Gibson

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  7. Lamar,


    My friend, I am humbled by your kind comments on the June issue of the BUGLE. Credit Editor Pete Phillps for running with the idea, and Graphic Designer Cindy Livingston for making the raw material leap off the pages. Months ago, around the time I sent Pete some of my Havana Buick pictures, Rose Titus had sent Pete her fine "Impressions" story, unsolicited content that every news-starved editor appreciates. David Landow's impressive BHA article on Harold's Casino with the "Silver Dollar Buick" was a serendipitous and timely topic for the Cuba issue, given the island's gambling notoriety in the Batista era. Coupled with Cindy's informative "Old Cars" intro piece, they are wonderful bookends to the presentation of my work.


    Rarely is a writer/photographer given the opportunity to offer up so much material in one place at one time, and hat's off to Pete and Cindy for allowing me to contribute so beautifully to the June BUGLE. Remember, they do this 12 times annually for the membership, year-in, year-out, and often don't get the praise they so richly deserve.


    Thanks again, MrEarl!




    54 Special Avenida del Puerto 2XT.jpg

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  8. What a great project, and she's going to be a beauty. The car's Escanaba. MI origins explain the rust, which could have been worse, right? They use a lot of salt during the long winters in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. 



    YM Hello From UP.jpg

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  9. "This is how they appear in the '57 Facts Book."


    4 hours ago, lancemb said:

    A lot of things do.  That's why I don't use these illustrations as reliable sources of what's "correct".  It's a rendering, not a photograph, and is often done pre-production, so actual sourcing can vary.  I think these look like the ones that came in my car, but I'll have to dig them out and see.


     I only mentioned what the belts looked like in the Facts Book, not that they were "correct."

  10. On 3/29/2018 at 8:34 PM, Mark Huston said:


    Here in my little home town of Galt, California there is an old home with a large shop building in front surrounded by a freeway and commercial buildings.  The guy likes old trucks and tractors.  He has a couple that have been turned into large planters on either side of his property up near the road.  




    And my timeworn favorite, "Restoration started with new tires." Both Macks belong to the same collector, seen here in Charlotte at the SE Spring Meet in 2010 and 2016.





    21 Mack AC Benson 2XT.jpg

    25 Mack AB BensonXT.jpg

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  11. Great images!


    We got there too late for anything but the car show, but I had a blast. Mr. Bulgari has a thing for 1942 cars (and many others!) and the Roadmaster sedan was fantastic. I have loads of pics of his big Buicks on the grass, too many to post.


    50th Big Pic 1 TextT.jpg


    50th Big Pic 2 TextX.jpg


    42 71 1X AACA.jpg

    Sweet '42 Buick Model 71 Roadmaster.

    42 71 2X.jpg

    1942 Buick Model 71 Roadmaster.

    NB Ctr Amer Auto Heritage 1X.jpg

    These layout plans give you the scope of the property...

    NB Ctr Show Layout 1X.jpg

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  12. From my Canadian 1963 "Red Book, National Used Car Market Report," which covers cars back to 1956,

    the earliest M-B's to appear are the 1958 models, P.O.E. prices...


    180 Sedan........$3,270

    180a Sedan........3,270

    180D Sedan........3,475


    190 Sedan..................3,545

    190SL Roadster.........5,595  

    190SL Cpe Rdster......5,845   (convertible with hardtop)


    219 Sedan.......3,785

    220S Sedan.....4,500

    220S Conv.......7,900   (Cabriolet)


    300d Sedan............11,500

    300SL Roadster.....12,500


    By 1960, the prices were...


    180 Sedan........$3,380

    180D Sedan........3,470


    190D Sedan..................3,710

    190SL Coupe................5,615   (convertible w/o hardtop)

    190SL Cpe Roadster....5,615   (convertible with hardtop)


    220 Sedan..........4,105

    220S Sedan........4,705

    220SE Sedan......5,200

    220SE Coupe......8,400

    220SE Conv.........8,400   (Cabriolet)


    300SL Cpe Rdstr......12,500




  13. From my trusty 1960 "Red Book, National Used Car Market Report," which covers cars back to 1953,

    the earliest M-B's to appear are the 1956 models, P.O.E. East Coast prices...


    180 Sedan........$3,150

    180D Sedan........3,428


    190 Sedan..................3,298

    190SL Sport Coupe...4,295  (convertible with hardtop)

    190SL Convertible.....3,998 


    219 Sedan.......3,680

    220S Sedan.....4,494

    220S Conv.......7,138   (Cabriolet)


    300 Sedan............7,078

    300 Limo..............7,368

    300S Coupe.......12,898

    300S Conv..........12,898

    300S Roadster...12,898

    300SL Spt. Cpe....7,295


    By 1960, the prices were, P.O.E. East Coast...


    180 Sedan........$3,250

    180D Sedan........3,527


    190 Sedan.....................3,441

    190D Sedan..................3,718

    190SL Roadster............5,032

    190SL Coupe................5,244   (convertible with hardtop)

    190SL Cpe Roadster....5,428   (I can't figure out why 3 190SL versions are listed for 1960)


    220 Sedan..........4,283

    220S Sedan........4,583

    220SE Sedan......5,018

    220SE Coupe......8,091

    220SE Conv.........8,091   (Cabriolet)


    300 Sedan................10,070

    300 Conv Sdn..........12,644  ("Adenauer" 4-door convertible sedan not listed in Red Book for 1956)

    300SL Roadster.......10,950

    300SL Coupe...........11,128

    300SL Cpe Rdstr......11,397


    Hope this helps...



  14. The car in question looks a highly modified '51-'52 DeSoto Diplomat, minus the grille while still possessing its white "moustache." As others have noted, it's really difficult to know as bumpers and sheet metal are often swapped and side trim may be missing.




    The '52 Diplomat below was taken in Havana in August, 2106, and in 6 subsequent trips I've begun to document the many Chrysler Export Division models there, primarily the DeSoto Diplomat and Dodge Kingsway versions with Plymouth bodies.




    I wish keiser31 had some of his Dad's material from his career at Chrysler Export, as the cars and their ultimate destinations are fascinating.



  15. Curiously, after seeing Centurion's resurrected post on the Lido, just last week I picked up this obscure book published in Switzerland, the International Automobile Parade, Volume II from 1958.




    On a page devoted to Pinin Farina of Turin, the Buick Lido and a similar Alfa Romeo were pictured. 




    Note the 15-inch difference in wheelbases between the two.




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  16. It's noted at the beginning of this thread that we can look abroad for many coachbuilt Plymouths.

    If I owned any of these Plymouths, I would apply for and hope to receive Full Classic status for them,

    as defined by current classifications standards. 



    1933 Plymouth by Castagna.


    1934 PE Cabriolet by Langenthal, design and construction of the patent Alexis Kellner.



    1933 Plymouth Cabriolet by Rosch of Austria.


    1934 Plymouth PE Cabriolet by Tüscher of Switzerland.


    1936 Plymouth by J.H. Jensen of Denmark.