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  1. The motor number is from the 1930 range, and I wonder why they painted the windshield frame and left the chassis oily, filthy and rusty. Its vinyl interior is no-no, too.
  2. No, they did not. Not anywhere in the world.
  3. “Where would a car like this get placed at an AACA judging event?” The hotel parking lot. Pretty cheeky line of BS for the entire fabricated story, but saying all Polaras were destroyed on arrival at the dealerships is taking it too far. I would love to be on the team when this ersatz Mopar showed up to be judged, and immediately, gleefully disqualify it for the imposter it is. Judging teams have enough on their plates to be bothered with such fakery, no matter how beautifully-executed or pretty the car may be.
  4. A very interesting place - well worth multiple visits. 1926 Bugatti Type 35 1934 Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 1937 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900A TG
  5. Here's the correct Bambu vinyl roof and Laguna cloth interior from a '53 Kaiser Dragon at the 2020 AACA Grand National in Gettysburg. It's a richly trimmed car, to be sure. TG
  6. Power windows gang switch and bezel is '70's GM. I wonder if he means someone stole his air cleaner? Good to know the fuzzy dice are part of the deal but, what, no Marilyn Monroe and James Dean cardboard cut-outs? That's always a deal breaker for me.
  7. You're welcome, Walt. Your "El Automóvil de Cuba" article (online, from the January 2015 Hemmings Classic Car) was an early inspiration for a book I'm working on about the pre-Embargo cars of Cuba. From its first publication in 1916 as the official magazine of the Cuban Automobile Chamber of Commerce, El Automóvil de Cuba listed a selection of Havana dealerships each month, including Kissel, Marmon, Hispano-Suiza, McFarlan, Panhard et Levassor, Willys-Knight, Benz, Stutz and many more. In 1922, you could pick out or order your Cunningham at Darío Silva's showroom at Prado #4, just across the boulevard from the concesionario that sold Packard, Chandler and Cleveland cars. My favorite ads are the ones created by Cuban agencies, like this Lincoln illustration with the Oriental Park horse track grandstand and Jockey Club from the April 1926 Social magazine, published by the noted Cuban caricaturist Conrado Massaguer. That Lincoln Sport Phaeton by Brunn was $4,670.73 net to the dealer and after shipping, markups and tariffs cost the customer a whopping $6,455.00. By that time, the Ford Sucursal de la Habana was located in a multi-story building (with black roof and tower) on Calle 23 in Vedado, across from the massive, block-long Dodge building (at far left, bottom)- both offered sales, service and CKD cars were assembled there, too. It's a fascinating history, with dealers moving to new locations following the urban sprall, changing the marques they represented and, unlike other cities, many of the dealership buildings and showrooms are still standing, though repurposed since 1960. I'm glad it brings back fond memories of those after-class discussions with your professor - you're the only one I know who learned Español from a former president of Cuba! TG
  8. El Garaje - Colección de Automóviles... The new Museo del Automóvil, El Garaje, opened in the center La Habana Vieja in November 2019. Debuting just in time to mark the Habana 500 Anniversary celebrations, the museum is housed in a building on Calle San Ignacio, just across from the historic Hotel Raquel. Its main salon houses a fully-restored 1949 DeSoto Custom Convertible Coupe donated by Chicago collector Richard H. Driehaus (1942-2021), with large blueprints flanking the DeSoto. Descriptive, graphic panels note historic highlights of La Habana and Chicago, and connect the car's donation by the Chicago philanthropist to Dr. Eusebio Leal Spengler (1942-2020), the former Historian of the City of Havana noted for initiating and leading the city's restoration efforts. Adjacent to the DeSoto Salon is a large two story structure that houses all manner of modes of transport, including cars, trucks and motorcycles - filled with vehicles that document the rich motoring history of Cuba. Notable cars include a 1905 Cadillac Model F, the oldest in the collection, a 1924 Dodge hearse by the Williams Carriage, Hearse & Auto Company of St. Louis, a 1926 Rolls-Royce Phantom I Tourer by Letourneur et Marchand, a 1931 Ford Victoria and a 1931 Cadillac V-16 Style 4275-C Imperial Landaulet with division window, one of two produced. Owned by the former president of Cuba, Alfredo Zayas, at some point in the V-16's life the open landaulet top was enclosed and the rear quarter reconfigured. Closed to the public during the pandemic, El Garaje's staff have been busy refurbishing and adding vehicles stored in an offsite warehouse, and much has changed since I was there in November and December of 2019. Once travel health restrictions are lifted, expect to see their Daimler limousine, a couple of Packards, a 4x4 Citroën Mehari and the numerous cars that once plied the streets of La Habana. In the meantime, visit El Garaje's Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/museodelautomovilohch/?ref=page_internal TG
  9. "Longroof" makes me want to reach into the computer and slap the offender upside the head. You have a station wagon, Dude - nothing more, nothing less. TG
  10. But, but - the sale includes a Chip Foose original framed drawing of the project! And who, by the way, is Gia? You'd think Bonhams would know better. What a hot mess. TG
  11. A friend bought the '24 Rickenbacker Coupe, and I went up Detroit to do the paperwork and close the deal. It's a cute car with an original interior that needs some attention. I was really pleased to see that it has an original winged Rickenbacker "Hat in the Ring" Motometer, but I think the wings may be on backwards. The mohair interior is original and needs some preservation. The great staff at the AACA Library & Research Center provided numerous 1924 Rickenbacker brochures and promotional info... And additional info came from the AACA Library & Research Center's Facebook page, in the photo album with the 1924 Handbook of Automobiles. This sort of material and much more is available at the AACA Library & Research Center in Hershey and online, so mine it when you need to. You're only a phone call, an email or a click away! http://www.aacalibrary.org/collections/aaca-collection/ TG
  12. From the 1930 Clifton catalog...a bit more subtle and aimed at the dealers.
  13. Twice postponed, the 2021 Annual Convention will be held June 3-5 in historic Williamsburg, VA. After a tumultuous year, it's going to be great to see old friends and talk of plans for the future of the AACA. Some elements of past conventions have been eliminated - the Presidents' Dinners, Trade Show, and there will be fewer seminars - but we look forward to a full slate of activities for 2022! Over the years, scores of beautifully restored vehicles have been featured at the Trade Show, like this 1960 Triumph Italia 2000GT by Vignale, one of 329 made between 1959-63. It appeared at the 2016 Convention, restored by one of our Trade Show vendors, and is shown as a teaser for when things return to normal in 2022. Here's a link to the 2021 Annual Convention registration form with more info and the schedule - the deadline to register is May 15... https://aaca.org/images/meet_brochures/2021/AM_21_Member_Registration.pdf
  14. Interior suggests it's the base Marquis for 1978, not mid-level Grand Marquis. http://www.lov2xlr8.no/brochures/mercury/78mq/78mq.html
  15. Hi Jeff, You may want to share this image with Marc Mougin if you have his contact info, as it is the Buenos Aires dealership where his Peerless was sold. TG
  16. Oxnard is on the coast, west of LA and south of Ventura. But the Merc looks like a good example, probably reupholstered and restored to some level.
  17. I imagine it was a privately owned garage that serviced all manner of cars and trucks. Not affiliated with any particular manufacturer. There were several in my town.
  18. The 1921 New London, CT, Sanborn Fire Insurance Map shows 3 buildings of a private service-type garage (and residence) at 40-48 Jefferson Ave. at the intersection of Wall and Grand streets. The structure(s) in your image at 48 Jefferson are still similarly configured. https://www.loc.gov/resource/g3784nm.g3784nm_g011521951/?sp=34&r=-0.188,0.001,1.5,0.63,0 TG
  19. The Elysium, Peerless Summer showroom in Cleveland, Ohio. Note how the passenger-side front doors are missing from both the 1926 Peerless Taxicabs in this Elysium showroom photo. Perhaps they were offered that way to use the space for luggage, or the buyer could specify a fully-enclosed driver's compartment. The 1927 survivor that exists in England has its passenger front door. https://forums.aaca.org/topic/184528-peerless-for-sale-department/page/4/?tab=comments#comment-1515246 TG
  20. 250 Peerless Taxicabs for New York City... From the April 30, 1926 Peerless Co-Operator. TG
  21. Thanks. Often press photos are months old when published, with editors relying on submitted material. The building shows workmen working, perhaps painters, so there's no telling the date of the images. TG
  22. The Peerless distributor in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1930.
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