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  1. This service truck of Peerless of Johnstown, PA appears to be made from a touring car, as the back doors are still visible. Wouldn't that be a fun find, tucked away somewhere and forgotten in a Pennsylvania barn? From the June 24, 1927 Peerless Co-Operator. TG
  2. Is it a Touring Sedan with trunk... ...Or a Sedan with rear spare?
  3. Only way to know for sure if it's a '39 with a '40 front clip would be to know its serial number. This is a '39 Nash Ambassador 8, at Hershey last year.
  4. From the 1962 Ford Taxi brochure - a V-8 was offered as well as a Six. Outside of big city fleet buyers, small taxi companies used whatever they could. http://www.oldcarbrochures.com/static/NA/Ford/1962_Ford/1962 Ford Taxicabs Brochure/index1.html
  5. Wonderful images! Harrah's Collection featured the New York to Paris Thomas Flyer on the cover of their 1965 Roster. We visited it in 1968 and I was hooked, and years later I purchased several rosters at a friend's estate sale. I'll let you figure out which of the collection's Rolls-Royces is in the color slide, from this listing in the '65 Roster. TG
  6. Given that there is no Hershey this year, 2021 will be your 53rd. For those who keep count if you have consecutive attendance for x-number of years, you still will when it resumes in 2021 - you can't miss something that didn't happen. TG
  7. The '31 Imperial by Kellner, from the July 1932 issue of Chrysler-Plymouth Overseas Graphic magazine, published for foreign markets by the Chrysler Export Corporation, Detroit, MI. It is by Alexis Kellner of Berlin, not Kellner of Paris. https://www.coachbuild.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=157&t=15347 A 1932 Imperial by Drauz for King Carol II, from from the January 1935 issue of Chrysler-Plymouth Overseas Graphic magazine. King Carol II had a large stable of coachbuilt cars. https://www.coachbuild.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=266&t=1689
  8. These are the other three, at the same Ward Lines' pier but without snow on the ground and poised in front of the SS Orizaba. Also a Lazarnick image, their coats suggest it's winter or at least cold outside. In one image, the Phaeton on the right is aerial, being heaved over into the ship's hold - with the gent in the hat at far right sitting in the driver's seat. Talk about bravery! Same wheel/ tire combo, one with the Cadillac-style grille (a Six?). I'm a newbie on a Peerless learning curve, and hope to find something in the bound, 53 Peerless Co-Operat
  9. Here's an update on the "Silver Eight Phaeton" image that I mentioned above. C.T. Silver was out of the coachbuilding biz by around 1920, so perhaps it commemorates the 25th Anniversary of the NY Auto Show, and may have been painted a silver color. On a recent trip to Havana, Cuba, I bought this press pic and 3 others that were taken at the New York & Cuba Mail Line's (aka Ward Line) docks in NYC, now the location of the South Street Seaport. They are all Peerless touring cars poised in front of Ward Line ships, here, the SS Siboney. This 1925 Model
  10. Same here, today... Error code 20 The proxy failed to connect to the web server, due to TCP connection timeout. 2020-09-04 02:52:23 UTC I was able to login with my phone, but don't know why that route worked. TG
  11. Great car, and the Forward Look crowd would eat it up in a heartbeat. The 3-speed manual was standard on Newport and Windsor models. They made 1,832 Newport Town & Country 6-pass. wagons in '61, and 1,571 Newport Town & Country 9-pass. wagons - which is it? If it's as good as it looks, I'm at the $20-30K range, and suggest putting it on Bring a Trailer. It will give you global exposure (so will Hemmings), and to some funksters the manual tranny is a plus. Just 3% of Chryslers had a manual in 1961, so given the low T&C numbers yours must be
  12. Yes, the same configuration as the white '41 Cadillac Flxible that began the thread. Depends on the funeral budget, I guess - why use two cars when one will perform both functions.
  13. This is a '49 Cadillac Flower Car and Hearse by Superior. The casket could be loaded from the rear doors on either side or from the rear. TG
  14. From the 1930 Clifton Mfg. Co. Catalog No. 16... See if the AACA Library & Research Center has any other jobber catalog like this. TG
  15. 1936 Delahaye 135 Cabriolet by Henri Chapron, from the French magazine Miroir du Monde. TG
  16. Walt, That dual-banded gold-plated beltline molding was a common treatment used by Fernandez & Darrin of Paris. Here's a Renault Reinastella, perhaps at the same Bois de Boulogne Concours... And a later model Renault Nervastella.. I'd peg that Hispano-Suiza as Fernandez & Darrin. TG
  17. When your name is Tom Gibson...
  18. Another nice view of Brian's Botticelli Blue '38 Buick Roadmaster 80C Convertible Phaeton, top up, at Charlotte in 2017. Look forward to seeing it and many others at the GN! TG
  19. Yours truly piloting a super-rare 1957 Dodge Kingsway Custom Convertible Coupe (real, not chopped), a Chrysler Export Division model bought new off the showroom floor in Havana and still owned by the same family. It has always been a private car, never used as a taxi, and the Kingsway still has its original 301cid V-8 and 2-speed PowerFlite automatic transmission, fairly unusual for a Cuban survivor. This was at the end of the XVth Rally Regularidad Copa Castrol, hosted by the Club de Autos Antiguos - A lo Cubano, held December 1, 2019. And yes, in th
  20. No, I was around when the car was being judged and it seemed like it was fresh. I can find out.
  21. I remember that portal you created and it was very helpful until, if I recall, Craigslist eventually forbade such nationwide searches. Good luck with the new one! TG
  22. The Norrmalm 540K was shown by Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Jepson, Jr. of Savannah, GA.
  23. This '38 540K Cabriolet by Norrmalm won the Best of Show and another top award at Hilton Head in 2019. Quite massive with unusual proportions... TG
  24. Matt, That's a lot of Full Classic Packard for the money, and I love its original condition, history and unique options. Offered in one lone model on the 138-inch wheelbase, the 5 passenger Super Eight 160 Sedan, Series 2004, Model 1562 was a catalog item, but what sets yours apart is the auxiliary seat and division window. Its fixed front seat with division window is configured as that of a Super Eight Custom 180 Formal Sedan, making it a six passenger Super Eight 160 Sedan. Here's the 1942 Packard Senior Cars brochure... h
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